Nostalgia, a Sweet Reminisce and Other Poems

By Nivedita Krishna Nostalgia, a Sweet Reminisce As I walked across that lonely desolate road, No it was not a hill station filled with eternal solitude of nature, It was the same crowded route that leaded to the same destination each day, Those familiar faces were strange acquaintances Who exchanged greetings everyday, With a warm … Continue reading Nostalgia, a Sweet Reminisce and Other Poems

Luzia’s Dowry

By Jozef Leyden The plane bringing me from Copenhagen to Lisbon was half-empty. So was the ‘Arrivals’ at the Lisbon-International on that late warm October evening when I came across her  ̶  my inamorata-siren  ̶  for the first time. With no checked baggage, just a backpack, I smoothly sailed through ‘Immigration and Customs,’ briskly pacing … Continue reading Luzia’s Dowry

Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka

Resist Against Resistance Stand upSit downTake a kneeTurn your backProtests are nothing new Silent facesMouths tapedEyes shutArms crossedDisbelief fosters opposition Signs screamWords redExclamation marksHeld highMarching across the land Roads closedBodies proneBodies supineBlock trafficSolidarity harbors truth Your Warmth Twenty six years together,eight of them good,none really bad. So what if we sleepin separate rooms? Many of … Continue reading Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka