A Senryutaph and Other Poems

By Ken Gosse A Senryutaph Practically perfect, sans faux pas, narcissism was his only flaw. Lessons from my Knuckles Kittens are riddles: mysteries in enigmas, snuggly and snaggly. Changing of the Pants Whatever he said pales, in matrimony, to whatever she said. Petrifying Poetry A terrordactyl may be hidden, unbidden, in unruly verse. Why Try … Continue reading A Senryutaph and Other Poems

Reframing Walter

By Russell Richardson Tom felt true affection for his therapist Walter. Unlike confused parents, expectant girlfriends, and demanding employers, Walter accepted Tom unconditionally. For years, the silver-haired man had nodded sagely while Tom talked on the office’s leather couch. When Tom’s ramblings developed into a meaningful thought, Walter expressed satisfaction; when the babble went nowhere, … Continue reading Reframing Walter