Submission Guidelines

Academy of the Heart and Mind wants to feature your work! Are you a writer or artist looking to get publicity and get your work seen and reviewed? Send us submissions! We are accepting:

  • Short Fiction (under 25 double-spaced typed pages or 6,000 words)
  • Short Non-fiction (under 25 double-spaced typed pages or 6,000 words)
  • Poetry (up to 10 distinct poems per daily post)
  • Art

Please send all work as a GOOGLE or WORD DOCUMENT! 

Please make sure your work has been edited so it says what you meant it to say.

Send submissions to Be sure to send the email through a working email account so that we can email you back. 

Current submissions are being considered for daily posts in July 2023

Please only send appropriate content! Works should be accessible to readers of all ages in terms of content and themes. If it’s not safe for work, we will not publish it or consider your work in the future

What Should Be Included in My Email Submission?

  • A Word or Google Document containing your submission 
  • A 3rd Person Biography (around 3-5 sentences) that includes the full name under which the piece would be attributed (such as your pen name).
    • Can be included on the same document file or sent as a separate attachment 
  • The genre of your piece either in your email body or in the subject line of the email. 

Contributor’s Publishing Rights

Contributors retain publishing rights to their piece if accepted for publication. They may submit the piece to other publications with the note that it has been accepted by the Academy of the Heart and Mind.

Contributors may also submit previously published pieces to be considered for publication by the Academy of the Heart and Mind. Please make note of this in your submission email.