The Angelic Minnesong (Courtly Lovesong)

By Paweł Markiewicz The enchanted moon is solely for you. You are doing the sempiternity herein on earth. You guardian angel conjure dreams of me. So marvelously-propitiously your heavenly mirror shines. The courtly love to the angellet are sorceries. In your vans reveries live. I like you, the angel, drunken with a magnificence of dew, … Continue reading The Angelic Minnesong (Courtly Lovesong)

Haiku by Thomas Page

  The november rains  Pour down into the foggy Plains b’low hidden sun.  The faux-jade apple  On the faux-mahogany  Desk. Are these hands real? I cannot name the  Stars more ancient than I am With lights eclipsed now.  The trees grew orange-red,  The others stayed green-yellow, The trunks look the same.  The palm-reader’s map--  Like … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page