By Dave Maze


Negativity oozes discomfort 
Leeching on like suction cups
Gnawing like jagged teeth

A miasma surrounds this energy
Shatter it. Break free.


An escape plan
I must
Portal to positivity

Cosmic dust emblazons on the ocean
Sparking your wanderlust.

Break the Walls

Face your fears
Flutter & flicker
Do you hear,
shuddering sinners?

Ignorant sighted blind -
Claim your destiny.

Confront the walls

Break the walls!

The rubble of your layers
Peeled everywhere

See the truth.



Experience paints 
the path to deviation

In blotches
Vibrant canvas
A watercolour

Soft, muted blues
Blending to create
Our bodies infused
Harmonious landscape

Still wet
Slippery in nature
Bleeding in spots
No longer strangers.

Two paint brushes 
Two people
With every stroke
The deed is done.

Jar of the World



A blue top to screw the jar of Earth closed - 
Contain the chaos.

The writer’s mind is equally translucent in its navy melancholy. 

Somber in its singing songs 
Stanzas written by the pen of a sequestered soul.

The reflected bottom of a pool sparkles in a sapphire blaze - 
Firing on all syllables - the clinical patterns of the flames

At its hottest point? 

The Blue Contained.

Love Is A Risk

Love is a risk - an on-coming fist 
You can dip, dodge & duck
But you're bound to get hit.

It can bring you to your knees
It can sweep you off your feet
But there's always a chance 
It'll turn sour from sweet. 

There's also a chance
It'll last forever 
That the person you're with will 
Want to stay together. 


A Tale of Twisted Metal

Two flights
Different stopovers. 

You chose the first 
The second, forgotten
You fly.
You land. 

The second plane does not.
What do you with your life, 
now entangled in this twisted metal?
The twist of fate. 

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