By Andrew Scott

The Lonely Highway

Change is a long, lonely highway.
No one is beside you
for your own personal evolution.
There will be people that support
that have their own highway.
Paths will cross between all. 

Only you will know 

what turn in life

made the walk toward change.

A new, necessary step. 

Some may not agree with you.

If you believe in you

that is all that matters

to the soul you carry

along the long road of evolution

walking the lonely highway. 

Old Imperial

To this day when I see it,
I see it in black and white.
My mind is adding to the look, I guess.
The Old Imperial station across the street. 

The Old Imperial used to be the place
for the best service in town.
Old Ted would come out to the car,
ask how much you wanted
before pumping the gas,
clean the windows while you waited,
never missing a spot.
Finished off with a happy wave.

The garages were always busy.
You knew the care that the car
would get with gentle hands.
During the summer
there were always odd jobs 
to keep kids out of trouble. 

Old Imperial was the friendliest.
Owners gave away pop and chips
on the hottest of days,
Hot coffee or hot chocolate
during those winter days.

Look at it everyday,
missing those times.
Old Imperial and its mystic
always brings a smile. 

Falls In Tears

Gerald is staring at the sky,
painful fears rolling down his eyes.
All previous days have been like this
since the world took away his child.
Days full of depressed thoughts,
nights kept awake by an endless mind. 

Today is the day he takes it back.
The emotions that have been running him.
Days are full of life,
he knows he is missing them
as he falls in memories of tears. 

Little Leanne has her head down,
swinging in her set,
recounting the images and words
that have been thrown at her
since hitting the acne years
by the kids that used to play
with her each and every day. 

She takes a breath
as she decides to not let others rule.
So she has to hide away from the taunts,
smiles about the day
will come from the falls of tears. 

Denise stares at the pills
that have cost her everything,
family, work and friends,
gone with every addictive pill
that was taken as a dare.
She has not owned her life since. 

Today the pills and self-doubt
get flushed for a new start. 
A time to believe in the purest form.
Not succumbing to temptation,
not falling to death's tears. 

Dear Stranger XIV

Dear Stranger, how are you?
Curious if you are
witnessing what the rest of us are
cause as an authority figure
you, my friend, are just standing there.

Indigenous citizens are trying 
to make a living for themselves
using the waters around them. 

Community members are beating the Indigenous boats,
creating one on one violence,
saying the Indigenous community
does not deserve to be there,
burning their businesses down.
striking nothing but fear.

We are seeing all of this.
That includes you.
While protests are being held
a stoic face is over you
however you are the law
and burning violence 
is against the law. 

Taking care of all people
regardless of their race
is what you are sworn to do
yet you are doing nothing
but watching the violence.
You took an oath
and until you start showing that
You are a stranger to all of us. 

Dark Wings

The world is flying with dark wings today.
There is a harsh cloud covering us all
that is staining how we fly.
Journeys are being misled in life. 

Angers are colouring pure wings
to the colours of rage.
Peace and love are being
murdered and raped by ignorance. 

We are not trying to see or feel
what is proper in flight.
Storms are being man-made
by all blind angels. 

The grime needs to be washed away,
soiled presence to be cleansed
so we will feel the fresh winds.
You cannot take in openly 
with dirty, dark wings. 

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