By Miranda Clarity

Atlantis Unforgotten

Nightmare of tragic death 
to Atlantis—
so special to me—
that great island in the Sea. 

Drowned with no further breath—
lurched and submerged 
beneath deep water—
her heart beating no longer. 

Vanished and purged, 
leaving just the memory 
of her power; 
the ages-old legacy 
of her ancient beauty 
in full flower. 

Forever now at rest, 
laying deep—
but unforgotten—
within the darkest chasm 
of that great ocean’s chest. 

Rejected Flower

    A rejected flower, 
her beauty, 
         no power. 
She lays dejected, 
  on cold, harsh stone. 

Prayer for a Dark Angel

The darkness of her soul, 
locked up, held deep within 
only a costume of light 
on display without. 

She seethes inside with seemingly 
timeless scars of the past 
behind the cold steel bars  
of her tortured mind. 

Cuts unhealed, still bleeding deep, 
they steal life from her soul 
as she sleeps. 

She is lifeless inside, 
a dull misery aching within, 
and spiteful hatred spits from her mouth—
reaction contrary to the beauty 
she shows without. 

She is a dark angel,
stuck in time, her flame burned out 
on a starless night. 
Her truth and her light stolen; 
cut out from under her own soul; 
vanished even from her own eyes 
and like gossamer, 
seemingly cannot be caught again. 

I look upon her and wonder: 
what would she be like 
if her light was set free? 
If her eyes could see the beauty of truth again? 

A flower unfolded, touched 
once more by sun’s ray or caressed 
by the silver thread of moonlight. 

I pray she opens back up to herself 
and pierces her seemingly soulless night 
to let her own goodness shine through. 
I hope she sheds the darkness 
to walk forward—
an angel of light. 

Night Has Come

Yellow Moon awakens……and slowly 
begins her climb……into the Heavens 
to look once more……upon her kingdom. 

The clouds, hanging low……shift in color. 
White and gray……become various shades 
of orange, pink and purple……then fade 
into indigo……as the Sun 
relinquishes her throne……to the new Moon. 

Night has come……


Love, real love, is an ever-lasting and eternal flame 
Of passion, desire and joy kindled within one’s heart, spreading out through each 
Vein of energy and emotion to 
Enrapture the object of its devotion. 

Haunted by Shadows of Lost Love

Wrapped in the warmth 
    of sun’s embrace, 
          all I see: the emblem 
               of my lost lover’s face. 
Beneath sun’s fire 
       yet still cold inside, 
            his shadow haunts me 
               in the early morning light. 
Killed in a war 
       he shouldn’t have had to fight, 
             I mourn his loss 
every day and every night. 

Pounded by the rain 
      from these clouds so low 
            all I hear: the bullets 
                 as he took his final blow. 
Beneath wet sheet of rain 
       yet my body feels numb 
             while inside writhing in pain 
                   as I come undone. 
That was a war 
     he should have survived and won 
              and come back home to meet 
his little boy, his son. 

Outlined by light 
      of gorgeous moon above, 
             all I feel: the ache of being 
                  too soon separated from my love. 
Beneath its yellow light of lace 
       yet no beauty do I see 
             only the ever-present anguish 
                   of losing him knows me. 
In silence I yell curses 
      to the war that took him from me—
           for we should be without war; 
and all men should be free. 

Darkest Night

a darkness so deep 
devoid of light 
a chasm black as darkest night 
no sun 
no moon 
no stars 
locked behind these steel bars 
no more days 
no more dawn 
not even twilight 
I’m caught in the broken heart 
of your extinguished light 
I’ve lost the fight 
on this darkest of nights 

my heart an empty bowl 
writhing within my soul 
shattered and scattered 
no longer whole 
torn into tiny fragments 
tiny pieces 
of what used to be 
of the beauty I used to see 
when your eyes used to smile at me 

now on the brink 
as I sink deep 
ponder endlessly and think 
I roam in misery 
as my heart weeps 
of grief and this loss so deep 
I feel the pain 
and I see dark red stain 
lost blood of my broken heart 
as I contemplate 
how to make a new start 

but in darkness 
there is truth 
in truth 
there is light 
and from light 
comes life 
it springs forth where death has been 
a new beginning to this dark end 

Good Night

Good night means a lot this time and 
while there is a definite pain and sorrow… 
I know at some point, joy will come again 
in some hopefully not too distant tomorrow. 

I will cling to that hope as I learn how to cope 
and I will remember what you said… 
just before you passed, just before you left me at the end: 

“Through the darkness, there is yet 
to be found more light, 
and what our future holds is far more bright 
and will be filled with even more delight.”  

And with the gifts you’ve given to me, 
I will let these be my beacons of hope—
the wonders of our world—that will keep 
you forever in my mind, 
so that your love and your light 
I will always find.  

Broken Love

inside a hole 
   my heart and soul 
        an empty bowl 
a flightless dove 
   with broken love 
       and heart’s shame 

The Wind’s Call

tiny droplets of rain—
nature’s tears—fall,
an echo of her pain.
I hear the wind’s call.

The wind, she screams—
screams loud and shrill.
In fury, she screams,
through forests, over hill.

I hear the wind’s call.

Miranda Clarity is an emerging poet who currently lives in California. She has been writing poetry since the age of 12 but never considered getting her work published until recently. She is now, at age 39, working to get her poetry published to spread messages of truth, peace and beauty during these turbulent times in the world.


One thought on “Atlantis Unforgotten and Other Poems

  1. Enjoyed reading Miranda Clarity’s work very much. Could definitely relate to the pain and darkness and then found myself uplifted with the promise of light and freedom her poems reference. Thank you.


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