By Denis Michael O’Sullivan

Every time when I'm with you I get a chill that makes me shiver inside 
And every time when I see you I can see that sparkle in your eye 

Cause you'll never know how I feel and why you're so special to me 
And having that sensational feeling cause you’ll never know how much you mean the world to me

I couldn’t imagine my life without you cause it would never be the same
And if I was ever to lose you I don't think I could never love again 

You’re the only one who I rather spend my life with 
And when we’re not together the tears that I tend hide 
Cause you’ll never know how much I need you cause you’ll always be the sunshine in my life   

Are you an angel that was sent from heaven above so that you can show me the true meaning of love 

I love the way you seem to brighten up my life cause you bring such a joyful feeling to my soul 
As as I feel that burning passion which gives me the desire to want you even more 

sure love can have such a wonderful feeling especially when It's with you 
And what I love is your enchanting charm and that's what makes you so different from anyone else and that's why I have feelings for you 
when all I want is to wake up next to you so we can watch the sunrise In the early morning dew

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