By Andrew Scott


I feel you slithering around me
as I lay here, shaking, broken.
You only come around during these times
when it is believed
I am at the weakest.

You and your other demons
have been hoping for this moment.
I should have expected you
when the snap occurred
and my bones became weak.

The scream must have been
your signal to try.
What you and your kind
have attempted so many times before.

Lessons should have been learned
each time you believe I am broken.
I am gathering strength to stand
against the demons you bring.

One day you will learn.
I am not broken.

September 25, 2021

©Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2021

Silent Conversation

It is a little after midnight,
driving along a dark highway.
There is only me out here,
listening to music
breaks the quietness.
The only conversation,
a silent one with myself.

The best time to think,
find solid perspective.
At the age I am living,
taking and sorting is a must.

Trying to figure out
what I am driving
from or to.

I am no longer that young kid
that gave my father fear
in what I was to become.
He knows that now
as I take care of him.

Thoughts of how blessed I am,
surrounded by great people
in my journey
even the quiet ones.

My mortality always creeps in
and then put away
as it leads to frightening thoughts.

The mind remembers
something my mother
told me many years ago
as I pull into my home.
No matter what
I would always be alright.


September 14, 2021

©Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2021

Up The Road

It is so dark now
on this travelled highway.
Know in my spirit
that there is light
up this grinding road.

Now there is a low fog
That makes it hard to see.
Fearful of what may surprisingly,
unexpectedly run out
in front of me.

So many hazards
in this dark place,
fear and tears
are overwhelming.

Hold onto the belief
that the storm
and darkness will clear.
Feel the light
that is up the road.

September 3, 2021

©Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2021

That Old Barn

That old barn,
ready to fall any day now,
wooden walls giving away
to the season’s weather,
paint is frayed around the windows. 

May special occasions
hosted in that old barn.
When it was first built
the horses took shelter
in its comfortable stalls
after a hard day’s work.
Lost track of how many 
foals were given to us there. 

The celebratory talks
after a successful hay season.
The sweat that went 
into each hot day.
Bales upon bales.
The cold drinks
with exhausted neighbours.

As new barns were built
this old barn
guarded the tractors
and other farming equipment.
Saving them from
the elements of the seasons.

So many memories

with each weathered board
that falls to the ground

Smile when moments
pop into my mind.
Life shared with that old barn.

August 30, 2021

© Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2021

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