By Nivedita Krishna

Nostalgia, a Sweet Reminisce

As I walked across that lonely desolate road, 
No it was not a hill station filled with eternal solitude of nature,
It was the same crowded route that leaded to the same destination each day, 
Those familiar faces were strange acquaintances 
Who exchanged greetings everyday, 
With a warm affectionate smile, 
The questions were same, how's life?
And the answers have been as per the routine all cramped up... 

The greetings ended there

As I lay down on my bed, 
A strange sense of connection was something I missed. 
I missed those warm and affectionate hands which rested on my forehead, 
Every evening as I went to sleep.
I craved for that hug which convinced me that I can win the world. 
The feeling of being at home was invincible

Those eerie lectures which I hated the most when I was young reverberated my mind, 
As I wiped those tears I realized she was right.
I missed those selfless figures who taught me ‘What is right?’
I missed that affectionate smile, 
Those dark eyes that could see the tears,
Before they overflowed through my eyes. 
Yes I missed the eternal bond of friendship, 
I made in those hostel nights. 

As I had grown up to make a living, 
Entangled with the hustle-bustle of life,
Those deep connections rested in the deepest corner of the heart. 
As I passed a broad smile to strange acquaintances,
I realized that I had left the most priceless possessions I ever had, 
Those were: The deepest connections I made with the most beautiful people, 
Who just wished my smile!!


Among the golden leaves,
Unruffled by the autumn,
In the midst of rustling sound of water,
In that spiritual ecstasy,
She could feel the warmth of his hands,
The reason of their soulful union,
To perceive the world with their spiritual consciousness,
To be lost in each other’s arms,
As they move on a journey towards the unknown,
They realize they were not mere physical beings,
Residing in the form of a woman and a man
But two connected souls who have longed to meet each other,

Since ages, across lifespans,
Nature can never make them drift apart,
Because love is more of a spiritual journey,
And lovers are meant to be absorbed in each other,
To fulfil the divine purpose of their existence

Respect In His Eyes

As She broke down with glow lost in her eyes,
As her feminine pride was shattered into lumps and piles,
As patriarchy assassinated her character aside,
As hostility questioned the ethics she held for her life.

As pills even failed to give her a new life,
She could feel the warmth of his affinity,
Which melted her spirit aside,
The strength of his character which beckoned,
Her to fight.
The respect in his eyes which rejuvenated her feminine pride,
And broke the convention that patriarchy,
Had a tribe.

As she fell in love with respect in his eyes,
The divine love was still her pride,
As it gave her the strength to fight for,
What is right?

The Human Soul

Those rocky paths, those uphill mountains, those upstream rivers
Those thorny gardens,
Those directionless path, those thorny dead ends
Were all a part of the journey alone,
Those fellow travelers who illuminated the direction,
Seemed to be a bliss in the desolate desert of mortality,

As the mountains are crossed, the rivers are swam across,
Those thorny dead end, seem to be illuminating stones,
The directionless path , a call of human soul,
The desolate desert as a platform of human life,
From omnipotent God.

As discontentment is personal and takes a wreck on human soul,
So is the contentment of the victory encountered,
After each fall,
Which gives direction to the lost soul  
And divine bliss to life gone uproot

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