By Arti Rai

on the ruins

on the ruins of my grave
strew those flowers
that bloom in love season
and lovers which crave

forget not to lay a bunch of roses
and carve my grave next to his lane
by the side of the river in lover’s premises
midst the roses and roses and roses

and shed some tears
for the poetess demise
for the peace of her soul
for the love she wears

why don’t you come

are enthroned
in a hard framed portrait
a little space they accommodate
hung on the yellow walls
in the hall

fume holiness in front
of the still picture but snapshots
of their memories walk

they walk
as a live picture tapping
feet on two legged silhouette
as lively as the mortal
man of breath

cherish time of the past
only to search some solace
blowing tearing sobbing
wiping eyes

they sob oh why do we miss
you deep wretched
hey why don’t you come

lust and love

              lust is a  pleasure

for some moments

blessed by the virtue of

impatient  behaviour

love is a bliss  persistent


sticking and ungoing

lust is haughty fuffy

an arrogant hilly river

love is quiet but deep

like ocean serene                                lust comes and goes

love rests forever

deep engraved vivacious


lust is complaining

love is understanding

lust is a drop without which

love can stand firm  stern


without love lust tumbles  quick

and would be lost soon you see

love forever lives flourished

celebrated life long unrivalled

One thought on “On the Ruins and Other Poems

  1. Ohhh Such a multi dimentional perspectives you paint with your words. Beautiful, I have to go back and read again and again. Thank you Arti Rai…


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