By Lynette Murry

Christmas Is Vastly Different

Christmas is vastly different, since you’re not here
A somber season, no laughter or holiday cheer
Our lives are shattered, nothing’s the same
Memories recalled, with the mention of your name
Thanksgiving was difficult, but that’s just the start
An empty chair in remembrance of you, broke my heart
It made me question, what you enjoy most
Gifts, food or family togetherness with you as host
2017 is almost here, feeling infinitely surreal
How do I travel to a new year, when nothing seems real?
Simply existing in the upcoming new year, where agony follows
And my soul is dying, leaving me listlessly hallow
Needing to feel your presence, to keep insanity at bay
With a whisper of love, saying you’re never far away
One things for sure, I can’t celebrate this year
Because Christmas is vastly different, since you’re not here

My Christmas Wish

A heartbreaking Christmas this year
The joy is gone, because you’re not here
My heart is full of sorrow, nothing is the same
I’m unwrapping memories, designated with your name
I miss you so much, wearing a fake smile has taken its toll
Your photograph I hold close, missing your loving Soul
Tears falling like freezing rain, while at times I smile
As I picture you celebrating Christmas as you hadn’t for a while
In the Kingdom above, like Cardinals playing in the sky
The agony of being forced to say goodbye
Pierces my heart with a Christ Thorn everyday
Christmas as no meaning to me, since you went away
My Christmas Wish this year, my only desire
Is for you to be here singing Christmas carols by the fire
And giving thanks for the loved ones we have near and far
Instead of you shining the way, like Bethlehem’s Star

Remembrance of 9/11

Dreams, hopes and families left broken
Goodbyes sadly left forever unspoken
We recall together, forever as a whole
as the destruction planned took its toll.
Too many lives were destroyed 
As split-second crashes were deployed 
Across this land of the brave and free
Now nobody will forget what we were and will be.
On the anniversary we remember the 9/11 tragedy and pray
For all who were affected that dreadful day
So, I wish for all across the world to join hands 
As we trust ole glory represents as it still stands. 

Lynette Murry has been studying Creative Writing and English with a Concentration in Poetry and Southern New Hampshire University where she gained my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in 2014 and will achieve her Master of Fine Arts Degree in April of 2022. From there, Murry plans to continue her education to get a PhD in poetry.

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