Achat de Noël

By Matthew Allen Lin Ugh. I really should have planned this better. I thought the lines back home in California were bad. Looks like everyone in Paris waited until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping. I checked the time on my phone. 10 a.m. Good thing Melanie was still asleep at our hotel. … Continue reading Achat de Noël

A Sampling of What’s to Come

By Lynette Murry Christmas Is Vastly Different Christmas is vastly different, since you’re not here A somber season, no laughter or holiday cheer Our lives are shattered, nothing’s the same Memories recalled, with the mention of your name Thanksgiving was difficult, but that’s just the start An empty chair in remembrance of you, broke my … Continue reading A Sampling of What’s to Come

Christmas Contest Honorable Mentions: Poetry

By Regina Elliot   "A Mrs. Claus Heart" A Mrs. Claus heart, is to be giving, a woman- who cherishes Christmastide in all the months of the year, charity is a gift to her- that God knows she will share. "Christmas Moments" Shoppers buying their families' gift wishes, one with thoughts of hand painted reindeer … Continue reading Christmas Contest Honorable Mentions: Poetry