By Susan Cleveland

On Christmas day in Heaven,
souls gather by a tree
to open gifts of love
sent by you and me. 

Beneath the glowing branches, 
lay wrapped presents very dear;
containing messages from loved ones
the Angels collected through the year.

Recorded in your voice, they'll listen 
to the heartfelt words you've said,
including the prayers offered 
when kneeled beside your bed.

On this holy day in Heaven,
celebrated somewhere up above;
the Angels give these gifts
to everyone you love.

Susan Cleveland is a returning author to the Academy of the Heart and Mind. Her adventure stories and poems have been published in the Scarlet Leaf Review, and in many of the In The Fog anthologies with Partridge Island Publishing. When she’s not writing, Ms. Cleveland enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and being walked by her dog. She lives with her family in Atlantic Canada

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