If You Leave, Where Will You Go?

By Lisa Hoelzer I recently left the strict high-demand religion I belonged to for the past thirty years. The values and practices associated with my faith shaped every part of my life: family priorities, Sunday behaviors, clothing, friendships, political attitudes, and more. A few years ago, I began to be disillusioned not only with my … Continue reading If You Leave, Where Will You Go?

The Science of Ant-Keeping

By Adrian So Many people view ants as pests, the obnoxious beasts that invade homes and causes damage to structures. But in reverse, known as ant-keepers, a small amount of people keep ants as pets. Ants make great pets because they are low-maintenance, budget-efficient, easy to find, and rewarding.  For low-maintenance, you will not have to give your … Continue reading The Science of Ant-Keeping