The Great Gingerbread Rescue and Other Poems

By Ken Gosse The Great Gingerbread Rescue It happened in Maine at the Gingerbread Fest where the “World’s Best Cookie” is made. A deer got ensnared in the “Dough That’s The Best” when it wandered away from its glade. Though I wasn’t near, I did overhear what a lovely young lass told her beau: “Did … Continue reading The Great Gingerbread Rescue and Other Poems

Hedge Your Bets

By Doug Dawson             "Bless me Father, it's been ... three years since my last confession and these are my sins."             "Just a minute, my son ... why so long?"             "I've been very ... busy, Father."             "Too busy to come to confession?"             "I've been ... doing other things."             "Have you … Continue reading Hedge Your Bets

Catechism Lesson

By John Affleck When Monsignor Sweeney visits our fifth-grade classroom, everybody gets geeked up, even more than when we’re in Sister Madeline’s English class. Usually, we get about 30 minutes notice, like an air raid, before Sweeney shows up. Our homeroom teacher, Sister Noreen, announces the visit in a formal tone — we’re lucky enough … Continue reading Catechism Lesson