By Zenstateofmind

Jewel despised the free lunch. She’d rather starve than beg for cakes.

It took her aging nights and sweating feet, to own a bakery. 

She was told plenty of times “you’re too ambitious for a woman.” 

And her answer always remains “I can’t live in the shells and shadows some  women I know, live in.”

She  baked her own cakes. And also fed many, especially her own. When she died, every one remembered her as the woman who couldn’t live off  a man’s pockets. 

The woman who made other women want to own a bakery.

Jewel was a woman who would give anything to have everything but the “ordinary.”

Zenstateofmind is a creative writer who contributes to magazines  and blogs. She helps beginner writers finish their stories in 30- 90 days through active coaching. In her spare time, Zen shares writing tips and stories on her blog.

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