By Dr. Mack Curry IV

a ghazal

With eyes closed, I chuckle every time, 
I attempt to remember each time. 

I felt the bliss of a touch of kiss, 
sometimes wishing I could repeat time. 

Suppose these are my stolen 
moments, to reminisce, I take my sweet time. 

Reflecting on each experience, some 
lessons instant, others need time. 

Making progress, with fewer 
mishaps, now knowing I cannot defeat time.  

Dr. Mack Curry IV began writing poetry as a teenager and has contributed poetry to literary journals including The Four Cornered Universe and The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Journal. He also has a collection of poetry titled Sex, Love, and Black Lives which served as his thesis for my MFA program at Old Dominion University. Dr. Curry’s poetry can be accessed online or by request.

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