By Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

Lord Ganesh

Ganesha is a very popular god  
in Hinduism and is one of  t
he most worshiped 

Hindu tradition states that  
Ganesha is a god of wisdom,  
success and good luck 

Ganesh who is the tradition  
calls Vighneshvara gives  
different types of favours
Lord Ganesha who is the son  
of Lord Shiva and Goddess  
Parvati is the supreme
We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi  
with devotion, enthusiasm  
and pomp and show. 

A winter morning

The morning is looking very  
best in the winter season  

My friend and I went to enjoy   
the scenery of sea beach
I remember we both covered  
with blanket and drunk tea 

There is freezing cold water  
for the people to drink. 

In the biting cold weather  
everyone used to shiver 

I could see my friend laughs  
elsewhere on the beach 

While I was sitting here,  
alone, counting the waves
I was writing and rewriting  
her name in the sand …  

 Sometimes we don't have  
to say anything to talk 

I remember a sea beach

With heavy school bag strapped  
to my back with books  
I used to go school
The way my teacher shouts at me  
and slapped me I escape  
from the school 
I remember that day I went  
to the sea beach and  
saw beach looks cold
There was tide on the lovely   
blue sea, I was walking  
on the golden sand  

I was watching fishing and  
saw some people were  
swimming in the tide 

I returned and met mother  
who gives me strawberry 
 jam, hot sugary tea 

I remember my school

I used to travel on train to school  
that goes along coast where I 
could see boats 

I was thinking how as a child I
had to go to school though it
was difficult
I used to carry my books 
with a heavy school bag 
strapped  to my back in it 

My school days remembering  
my all the extra curricular  
activities in school  

I remember my madam who  
was not like my kind and soft   
hearted mother  

While returning from school 
I stop there and look out  
empty playground 

I looked at the school gates  
and then I run to rail  
platform to each home 

Joint family

Joint family was ideal and  
it was placed very sound 
Nowadays joint family  
culture very rare to see  
Joint family culture used  
to provide good humour 
Sometime old people are  
simply shunted from home  
The old people are not our  
past but best for future 
They took responsibilities  
for family’s betterment It 
will be better to look out  
for their good treatment 
We should not neglect  
them as they are old  
History will not forgive,  
tomorrow will be our turn

An unconditional love


I love you that's why every  
time I look into your eyes 

I love to place my heart and  
soul are in your hands
Truly I love you to share my  
true love with my heart
You are my heart and soul  
as our hearts beat as one
Pure love that ends with  
pain of an entire lifetime
Let love carry you into great  
and to make your nice nest
In the place where you and  
me meet it was holy place
You are blessed with one  
who loves unconditionally

I am garden of eden

The children laugh and play in the field,  
They run and jump and dance happily 
The children love to climb high on tree 
The people come to cut me with blade  
The birds are fluttering in green field. 
Our love could flourish with our flower. 
I look at him, his eyes staring to the sky  
The birds love me but he has to fly away  
The earth gives me silence and sympathy  
I am always wishing I could be loved one  
The trees surround me with their leaves  
Their leaves creating ornamental border  
The nights sky is bathing me in moonlight  
Trees may bend but never break in storm 
I lay for hours, the clouds flowing clearly  
My flowers are for the memory of people  
People walk through me they do not disturb 
I am garden of eden few people call life 

I love to sing all time

I am usually singing every  
morning at my home  

The winds blow and the bird  
sings continuously
The day come white and  
the night come black 

I walk on bank of river and  
valley from my home 

There is a bridge over river,  
 I walk through water 

I love to Sing all time, 
I never  mind to sing at night 
In the evening the birds  
are returning on the nest 

Activities of parents

All parents must play  
an important role in  
their children's lives, 

Though the mother takes 
more care as teacher 
more than father
Parents should have  
patience to teach children  
all the right ways 

Sometime parents don't  
spend quality moments  
with their children  

It is true some children 
grown up home-alone,  
minded by maids 

When aged care is wanting,  
on that period their kids  
are always blamed 

Parents should teach right 
 thing and steer their  
life like leading light

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar was born on 16 November 1936. After completing his schooling  from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assam), he joined the Indian Air Force. During his  stay at an Air Force unit in Barrackpore, West Bengal, he had a chance to pursue higher studies  as a private candidate from University of Calcutta in 1970. He spent his tenure with the  Indian Air Force, travelling vastly about India and various countries like Singapore, Dubai,  UK and USA. He started writing about his vision of mystical life in various articles and stories  in English after interacting with people and sharing their experiences. His is poems published  in :Sethu Bilingual Journal, Pittsburgh-America, Savant Poetry Anthology, America,  Contemporary Literary Review India Anthology, Indian periodical journal , Muse India – Your Space Journal, The Universal Breakthrough Journal New York, Academy of the Heart  and Mind journal Idler poetry journal etc.

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