By Anthony Ward


Some of us are trees,
Tall and bold.
The rest merely leaves.
Falling to the floor, 
To return to the earth.

Some are picked and preserved in books,
The rest left to decay.
None more significant-
As significant as all others.
All blending into nothing.


Lumiere spawned light from darkness,
Creating a world of imagination.
Realising dreams through visual language,
Fluid in inky shadows flowing from frame to frame.
Light captured and incarcerated in pastoral scenes of Disney’s Fantasia,
The Stargate of Kubrick’s Space Odyssey,
The evolution of Malick’s Tree of Life,
The manifestation of evil in Lynch’s Twin Peaks.
Through transcendentalism of the moving image
Underlying truths are revealed.

The Thought of You

Did you think of yourself when you felled that tree? 
As you heard the timber cry. 

Did you think of yourself when you turned up the heat?
After you turned down that unworn cardigan.

Did you think of yourself when you fed the bin
Food you weren’t fit to eat?

Did you think of yourself when you drove the distance?
You could have walked without getting tired?

Did you think of yourself,
When you did those things?
Did you think-
Of yourself?

Art through the Ages

From Constable’s contentment 
To Turner’s turbulence,
The man-made flora bloomed from the pasture.
Flues fluming like fungi spore,
Spuriously pollinating pollution.
The industrial revolution embodying the landscape
With venous tracks across viaducts above abdominal sewers.

From time immemorial have we depicted our nature
Through the ornate style of the Renaissance 
Passing landscapes
Opening up emotions
Via strokes depicting movement 
Ending up as points 
Pixelated upon our walls.


Am I a choreographer 
Or merely a collector of words?

My cacoethes scribendi stultifies my potential
Until I can no longer write. 

Left with this complex literature nobody understands-
Beside myself

Out of synch with those in tune with their thoughts 
Which I keep blocking out in order to hear myself think.

Anthony chooses to write because he has no choice. He writes to get rid of himself and lay his thoughts to rest. He derives most of his inspiration from listening to Classical Music and Jazz, since it is often the mood which invokes him. He has recently been published in Academy of the Heart and Mind, Jerry Jazz Musician, Synchronized Chaos, Literary Yard, Shot Glass Journal and Pyrokinection.

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