By Rana H. Ezeldin

I’m an ocean drowning in sorrows

I'm an ocean drowning in sorrows
I swallow the wave tides into motion
The sky singing its angelic rythm
And seagulls frolic enjoying the scene
I am the golden sand glimmer in hot yellow
The sun's blinding with a million rays
Bliss flies over the silver horizon
Destiny obliges that I have to stay
I glimpse afar and there lies a bar
A bar full of drinks of happiness and spree 
I see a girl with a twisted face
She's so young but seems like she's aged
The glimmer in her eyes was like the sun's 
Only difference is it's not hyped fun
The ocean absorbed the colour of her lips
The tides washed away her smile
Yet, she came by
She looked up the feathery clouds 
Searching for answers to be satisfied 
Kept that hopeful imagery in mind
The ocean heard her whispers and joined
Then she let go of her bitter past regrets
Watching slowly,
 as the ocean swallowed them... 

Oh him, he stood fathomless

Oh him, he stood fathomless.
Not quite certain why or how the midnight lamp posts glow. 
Bearing the dark night's witnesses to meet the countess 
OH the countess, she ruled and reigned over solitudes 
She couldn't be happier to confiscate the bittersweet truths
So with a flower on his pallid visage he swung along misfits
Then waited patiently for the haughty countess 

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