By Alex Andy Phuong

Outdoor Swing

Playing on playgrounds
As a child
Swinging high
Towards the sky,
Yet returning to Earth
Is natural ever since birth
Because soaring
Is usually metaphorical,
And all that people can do
Is defy the impossible
While also accepting the impossible,
So swing realistically

Inspiring Inspirational Inspiration

Looking up to someone
Is like looking up towards the sky,
And even as the sky
Is only sometimes blue,
Practice calmness and tranquility,
Like the ebb and flow
Of the sea,
And have a heart,
Like the heart of the ocean,
And never fear sinking
Nor drowning,
And simply practice

Choral Coral

Singing under the sea
As the chorus
Sings with unity
For the creatures
Below the deep ocean blue
Have their own lives, too,
And presents the opportunity
To promote harmony
As the denizens on the land
Work hand-in-hand
To let voices speak up
While never giving up
Because that is what life is all about

Signature Signatures

Created through
Signing along
Dotted lines
Reading contracts carefully,
And agreeing mindfully
Because even if
Connections become broken,
There is no need
To leave out the outspoken,
And display
Personally signature style
All the while
People sometimes
And acknowledging that
There is more power
Through action
Rather than reactions
To social pedigree

Classical Classics

Literary masterpieces
That stand the test of time.
Even though time
Might appear to fly,
Time actually passes by and by.
Never stop the beat,
And go beyond the obsolete,
For classical compositions
Entrance the senses
As well as cleanse the soul
Within a wide world
That is truly whole,
And find pure pleasure
As music and artistic art
Provide universal languages
That transcend reality
No matter what happens beyond
This very moment,
And revel in wonderment

Whole Blue Bowl

A beautifully blue bowl
Chipped and cracked with age
Like the vast depths of the ocean
Encompassing the world as a whole
And stagnant people are like statues
Standing idly
While the ones who are actively alive
Are the ones who are truly whole

Naturally Phenomenal

Real life
Might simply be
The way it is,
Yet natural occurrences
And current circumstances
Could change
Through intelligent inferences,
While deductive reasoning,
Along with independent thoughts,
Radicalize reality,
And allow all people
To feel phenomenal
While promoting
Everything special
Within each and every


Browsing through
Books and things
There is more to life
Than elegant rings
Dance like
The belle of the ball,
And help one and all
To avoid the fall,
And see the beauty
Beyond simply looking,
And open the eyes
To a new reality.
Be sincere and true,
Rather than just
Meandering through,
And have the willpower
To do


Human beings are animals
Supposedly the dominant species
People are still creatures,
And some lack the willingness
To care for one another,
Yet the ones who care
Are truly the world
Be a beacon of hope for humanity!


Costs might burden buyers,
Yet that is part of economics.
Choose anything economical,
And avoid anything too literal,
Especially since language
Could distort reality,
And rhetorical speech
Might make stability
Feel out of reach.
In spite of the prices
That people must pay,
Life does go on,
But not everything stays
The same way.
The costs of living
Could lessen
By simply forgiving,
Which is a powerful life lesson.

Times New Roman Font

Times New Roman
Is a typical
and standardized
The Fall of Rome
Led to despair,
A time in which
No one cared,
Yet the rebirth
Helped heal the Earth,
And as the world reformed,
Everything did transform,
And now beyond modern times,
The sublime is still sublime,
So honor the legacy
Of world history,
And create an even better
Real reality


Mythological mythology
Sometimes go to great lengths
To explain reality,
Yet for the most part,
Life itself is the way it is,
With no need for explanation,
So live life in a way
That helps people say
All they should,
And not just could

Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University-Los Angeles in 2015.  He was a former Statement Magazine editor who currently writes about literature, film, and culture.  He has written film reviews for more than one hundred motion pictures for MovieBoozer, and his writing has appeared both online and in print.  Alex is a writer who dares to support the ones who pursue their dreams.

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