By Leslie Knibbs 

Ottawa, Canada.  November 22, 2019 

I don’t usually barbeque at this time of the year…it’s been below thirty for the last ten days in a row and the winds are coming out of the northeast slamming into the house at 60 km an hour. It’s cold outside.  And kind of drafty in the house. But my friend from Washington likes ribs on the BBQ. I can’t let him down. Since becoming head of the CIA in Canada under his watch, I feel obligated. I got the call at 4:30 yesterday morning.  I rolled over in bed and reached for the phone on the nightstand.  The caller ID read the Whitehouse. 

“Good morning, Sir.” 

“Morning Les, are you up?” 

“Just put one foot over the edge of the bed sir.” 


“What’s up Mr. President?” 

“I arrive in Ottawa at 1:30 PM on Thursday; I’m meeting with what’s his name at two. I can be at your place by 3:30. Does that sound OK with you and the Mrs.?” 

“Four o’clock would give us a bit of a cushion sir, but wait a minute let me check with Beth.” 


“Can we make it four sir? Beth has the girls over for her quilting bee on Thursdays; she doesn’t like to miss it.  The girls have been working on a Star Quilt for you and Mrs. for the last two months. 

“Tell Beth I’ll be there by four, look forward to seeing her latest project, don’t forget to get some beer.” 

“Already got it sir, two 2-four cases of Blue and a dozen Budweiser bullets.” 


“Will the wife be coming?” 

“She came last night for the first time in fifteen years, went off like a rocket; we were flying in from Honolulu on Air Force One cruising at about 35,000 feet above Flagstaff Arizona.” 


“How’s the new job going?” 



“Anything I should know? What about what’s his name, do you think he’ll be coming to the BBQ?” 

“Don’t think so, he’s a vegetarian, probably wouldn’t like the look or the smell of ribs on the BBQ.” 

“A vegetarian?” Who would have guessed? Come to think of it he is a little pasty looking.”  

“Nobody’s ever said that about me you know.” “I’ll ask him to give you a call and let you know. Maybe you could do up a little zucchini and carrots for him to make him feel more at home?” 

“Yea, I could do that, hard to believe he comes from Alberta though, a vegetarian eh?”  

“I’ll throw some onions into the mix.” 

“Good idea.” 

“Wait a minute, got an incoming call from Ottawa, hang on for a minute Les.” 


“Les, Les are you there? Les are you there?” 

“I’m here sir, had to tap a kidney.” 


“We’re on a conference now, hang on a minute, go ahead Justin, Les is on the line.” 

“Hello Les, how are things in hillbilly country?” 

“Good sir, really good. How are things on the hill?” 

“We’re dealing with it, say, what’s this I hear about Thursday’s BBQ with the President?” 

“Are you coming?” 

“Not yet but Sophie’s working on it.” 

“Give her a hand.” 

“Will do.” 

“Yes, I’m coming.”

“Cool, very cool.” 

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