By Eva Marie Cagely

Conjuring Up Poetry

My muse is on the loose
Running rampant on its 
Own free will
Conjuring up poetry 
That lingers in one's mind...

Images coming forth 
Like wildfires
Forever burning
Scorching the remains
Of my silence...

Metaphors creating 
Open doorways
Into my mind
My soul! 

Sounds like the beating 
Of my heart
That bleeds red
And tastes like butterscotch. 

Looking for the beauty 
Once again
That lies within my reach
Climbing up the ladder. 

Living the fantasy that
All things are beautiful. 
Like my Mother's Garden
Flourishing with Lilacs. 

Knowing full well
That beauty lies
Here in my imagery, 
Of life. 

A Reality T.V. show 
Shared with my audience 
Lingering on my mind. 

An instant replay 
Of yesteryears 
Childing playing 

Icecream cones 
And Shetland Ponies 
Silky hair 
When brushed. 

Where does it come from 
Where does it lead 
Taking control of my thoughts. 

Like Brainwashing 
My inner soul 
Pounding its rhythm 
Within my heart

That now beats as a drum
Cymbals clanging 
Dancing to the beat 
Of the melodies. 

That lie within capturing 
You on to the internet's canvas, 
Painting the sky with
Words that form 

The birthing of a poem. 

Set Me Free

This emptiness inside 
 Like a dark hollow in a tree 
 Haven to birds that make spring nest 
 Void now of all emotions. 

 I sit and watch as birds feed 
 Their young, tiny beaks grabbing 
 On worms from their mother 
 I marvel at their new life and I wonder.
 Yet still void I sit here in myself 
 Created hole 
 Darkness surrounds me as I 
 Search for life within. 
 Oh, creator of creatures both small and big 
 Have I nothing left to give?
 As the wind gently blows, 
 Breathing life 
 Into my soul once again 
 That I may feel some emotions 
 Even pain is welcome today 
 I just want the numbness to go away. 

 As I approach another day 
 Help me appreciate what I've thrown away 
 That I might toss into the wind 
 This emptiness that fills me once again. 

 I feel the warmth of the sun once more 
 Your gentle tap upon my door 
 Your tender caress that last all through the night. 
 Help me appreciate the little things 
 A blooming rose sending scents of perfume into the air, 

 Children swinging and laughing with glee. 
 Birds chirping way up in a tree 
 The sun now warm upon my back 
 As emptiness fades into the starry night 
 I have once again found my guiding light 
 As I wish I may I wish I might? 

 Upon the first star I see tonight, 
 Thanking GOD that I can write 
 Burring the dead inside of me 
 Once again I am set free 
 I find myself in poetry.

Soul Searcher

You search for poets of the soul
 You think you've found them but you don't know
 What lies deep beneath their skin,
 The souls that won't let you in!

 You think you know how poets feel
 When you read their words
 You think they're real
 They create emotions that you can't still.

 But hidden beneath the rhyming scheme
 And pretty words that make you dream
 Is where you find the soulful being!
 Behind the painted dressing screen.

 They make you happy, joyful and sad
 They may be someone's mom or dad
 They may be a child left alone again
 They may be childless and hurt within.

 You think you find them on the page
 But they are hidden.
 Clothed in invisible ink behind the scene
 They will make you stop and even dream.

 So next time you read a poem
 And you think you see, I beseech you to look within
 Behind the painted dressing screen
 Is where you'll find the soulful being!

 Sometimes they hurt and sometimes they're sad.
 You may not like what you may see
 But it's all a part of one's reality
 Poets of the soul both breathe and hurt.

 They laugh and cry and even flirt
 They fall in love and break up too
 They dream and build mountains just like you!
 So when in search of poets of the soul

 Remember it may be someone you already know!

Eva Marie Cagley, was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa, where she spent most of her time working with teenagers in a group home and at a Juvenile Detention Center as a counsellor. Working with teenagers gave her great joy, having had none of her own. She comes from a large family of nine children having six brothers and two sisters. She says her writing reflects who she is. Her beliefs, perspectives, trials and tribulations, hope and despair, dreams of all her lives’ journey.

4 thoughts on “Conjuring Up Poetry and Other Poems

  1. You are one to watch, one to read and clutch tightly to our hearts, those exquisitely crafted words that stun and evoke mixed emotions that make us feel excited to be alive, to experience the powerful significance of talented poets in our lives. Your writing is such a pleasure to read.

    Liked by 1 person

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