By Maureen Barron

Corona virus

Wiggling toes in bed
 keeping warm.
Views of windmills through windows.
The bedroom messy with
lavender walls, untidy topped wardrobes,
wardrobes so full they dip the floor.
Really should get rid of stuff
don't need it
don't go out anymore.
Curtains with butterflies and bracken.
Fairies on walls and photographs.
 None working clocks.
Corona virus lost days
'What day is it now?'
If I was young and fit
I would paint all the walls
not procrastinate.
I'm lying to myself again
as I lie in bed wiggling my toes
I used to say I would
do it if I had time.
Where does time go?
Now I procrastinate to
my hearts content
plenty of time now
to wonder where
time went.

3 thoughts on “All About Time

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