By Alex Andy Phuong

Guiding Guidance

Poetic twists and turns
 Sometimes driving off course
 Yet still
 Moving forward
 And onwards
 Towards the journey
 To Self-Discovery
 To Formulate
 One’s Own Identity


Watches tell time
 Measurements of an enigma
 Something truly sublime
 Watching a life
 Fade away
 Is sad
 But not as bad
 As wasting a life
 Because a life spent
 In the pursuit of happiness
 Only results in dissatisfaction
 Take action
 Or else no one else will

Free Verse

No need to rehearse
 Pen a poetic verse
 Life is not a curse
 Because it only is
 If one perceives it that way
 Give into reality
 Especially within current modernity
 And pave the way
 To a better day
 Starting today


Urban Arts
 Life in the city
 Universal ways of life
 We are all people
 Riding on buses
 Go public transportation
 Leave marks as we go
 Being artistic
 Sometimes disobedient
 But passionate, too
 Not Just “City” Life
 City or country
 All people live their own lives
 Wherever they are


 And utilize sense
 cease resisting
 Never retaliate
 Simply appreciate

From Here On Out

From this moment on
 Life will keep going on
 And even if the end were near
 This place held so dear
 Reminds of memories
 And reminiscence
 Deep within consciousness
 While the conscience
 Encourages the continuation
 Of life itself
 And never fearing failure
 For that could
 And Inspire
 To Soar Higher
 Instead of being afraid
 Of dire consequences
 Because time itself
 Keeps on ticking
 And moving on
 Is optional

New Historical Era

Times have changed
 And time does pass by
 As well as sometimes fly
 Reach high towards the sky
 And the future might be unknown
 But self-acceptance
 And the realization
 Of constant change
 Can help people
 Find humor
 In how funny
 The real world
 Truly is
 The real world
 Welcome to modernity!


 Practically perfect in every way
 Paragon for perfection
 Unobtainable paradigm
 Reality is reality
 And despite reality
 Real life is also
 A mater of
 See life
 Through an idealized lens


Previously published in The B’K Volume 12 Issue 1 in Winter 2020

Once in a lifetime
 Might sound cliché
 But each person really has
 Only one life
 And it really depends
 On what that person
 Does with that life
 That ultimately defines character
 Upon the worldly stage


Through personal will
 Keep going until
 Reaching the

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