By Dr. Imbesat Syed

Sun Shower

The Sun Shower is here, 
Glistening its golden light on me. 

I'm standing here, in this sunlight, 
Letting it wash away every bit of shadow. 

As the sun washes away the shadows, 
The Sun Shower arrives. 

Washing away all the doubts, 
Showering joy over every soul it pours. 

The Sun Shower will wash away any pain, 
The Sun Shower will twirl every soul into this rain. 

The sun is out, 
The Sun Shower is here! 

Blue Skies

The west wind is gurgling, 
The sun is shining, 
The birds are twittering, 
The skies are blue. 

Over and above the rainbow, 
Happy blue birds fly, 
Over and above the rainbow so could a happy heart fly. 

The music is in the west winds, 
The warmth is in the sunshine, 
The melody is twittering, 
The hope is in the blue skies. 

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