By Alexis Garcia

Introducing Me

I’m an unfinished thought
A mosaic of melancholic memories
A misplaced comma
The unintentional pauses between
Phrases riddled with double meanings
A semi-functioning vessel on the surface
Covering up the frequent malfunctions
In desperate need of repair.
A questioned answer
An impenetrable equation
A hopeful variable seeking to
Become a constant
A nuanced enigma
A fickle frenzy
Misinterpreted, unable to be contained
Misunderstood, wanting someone to match my refrain
I used to believe I was
Better in theory and
Left much to be desired in practice
But the fact is, even stars collapse
I get pushed to the edge
On the brink of complete self-destruction
And dare to find my way back.
This is me, in all of my hesitant glory
Eagerly awaiting to embark on
The next chapter in my story.

Peaceful Chaos

There is a sort of beauty
That creeps its way into the madness
The perpetual stream of doubts
That have audibly flooded a
Magnificently troubled mind
It is indeed a terrible thing to waste
Where tempestuous words can be touched
Mishandled to imperfection
Their harshness left out to thaw
Only to harden once more
Once the scent of disdain settles in
Vulnerability has never tasted more
Like sweet bitter
Chaos has never seemed
More peaceful
The subtle luring to a place where
Screams are seen protruding
From a glass half-empty one day
Half-full the next
The insecurities that have chipped away
At the poorly constructed guard
Have unearthed a reluctant bloom
You enter the garden that was once
A site where signs of life were not found
And revel in the decay.
There will be more troubles lying ahead
More wonders to come across
In order to have a little peace
There must always be a little chaos.

Normal Is Overrated

Normal is waking up, getting dressed and
Going about your day without
A second thought.
Not conjuring up different scenarios about
What could possibly happen
Some of them minor
Some of them fatal
Normal is making a mistake
Learning from it and accepting
That things happen.
Not spending hours figuring out
How you could’ve avoided
Being so stupid and now everyone
Thinks that’s what you are.
Normal is taking what people say
At face value
Not convincing yourself that
Everyone is lying and there’s
Always a hidden agenda, an ulterior motive.
Normal is a drink or two
To blow off some steam
Not intentionally mixing alcohol
And playing Russian roulette with prescription pills
To set yourself free from your mental imprisonment.
Normal is flat tires, shopping for groceries,
Laughing at a joke from last week,
Taking a chance on your heart’s desires,
Finally learning how to swim,
Staying present.
Normal is overrated.

Alexis Garcia is a queer Hispanic writer from New York, NY. She graduated from Manhattanville College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Since then, she has had some of her poetry published in a few anthologies: Volume Red and Volume Honey with Beautiful Minds Unite LLC and Upon Arrival: Threshold with Eber & Wein Publishing.   

One thought on “Introducing Me and Other Poems

  1. I really enjoyed reading Alexis Garcia’s poem “Introducing Me.” Lines such as “I’m an unfinished thought” or “A misplaced comma” (again describing herself) can actually describe anyone or everyone. I really think that her poem describes every single person in the world, as no one is perfect. She states that, sometimes directly, and at other times indirectly, in her poem. Frank Kowal


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