By Jerry Salcedo

This human experience equals delirium  
A little bit more may take me towards searching for millenniums in this livin’ stint

I ain’t wish for this 
Just a concept that evolved into a creator 
Looking for what's greater 
Can't take an elevator 

Livid pacin' 
Achin' for the sun to absorb my essence and give birth to a thousand new lessons 

No more guessin’ I’m a veteran to the elegance my soul possesses 

And I wont neglect this 

Memories are my exit 

Like a tunnel with an infinite supplies of what we live to die for as we shelter our sins and no longer feel alive 

The mission is to thrive 
No chill by the sides 
Where the leeches survive and the item in disguise is;

The wind that she provides 
The water to keep us in stride 
The fire that illuminates the soul 
The ground that makes us grow

My human experience is unique and slight innocent 

I choose to live wisely and to sharpen my penmanship

I was sent for this:

To explain the withdrawals of death 
I no longer regret 
Living life for now 
Creating memories 

So my words, they won't ever forget
Like an infinite entity…

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