A Song for Our Hue

The living space birthed beautiful
rivalry enhanced her colour,
rose from obscurity to power
in the land of the living.

Prisoners boarded a taxi,
unwillingly to serve
the light gray suit
for wearing natives in
able-bodied sapiens messed
in mercy of their colour.

Then it came, the holocaust
dressed in racial armours, with
weapons ready
to spill the black blood

Kingdom of Eves

The day I met the devil:
I held  the gib on his
driven by whirl wind,
tossed in cold tempest
of wind,
a new version of awe fell
on him―
the devil.

A merchant sold the secret of
gleeful lives to a curious wit,
and suddenly, the certainty of
appeared in a thick cloud
of deception.

Troubled nights drew near,
a weak sister bargained for wisdom ,
and was offered deception in the middle
of the garden.
Freedom spoke against a suit 
willed intestate, and a
man lose his freewill to a crawling
beast with tricky trills.

A thousand worth fell on the

trampled by eves under the  influence
of sentience.

War has just begun in Eden,

a twinkling miser of words―
a goddess of treachery
watched the drama in suspense,
and a creepy creature marred the blissful

This was a terrible sight:
sleepless nights walked
in thru the entrance our temple―
the mind.
And continually, birds chanted hymns of
repentance thru thoughts, calling
on the fallen souls for cleansing,
though almost with a violet pillow
beyond the eleventh hour.

Voyage of the Lame

The human lap is always guilty of
 idle hands blame God for not
being caring enough―
It dine with nemeses
at the lee side of Everest .

I wish life was enough  
to die at infant,
leave closed the windows
of worries behind,
and rejoice in the bowel of
women with smug feelings for
doses of  thalidomide

Okpeta, Gideon Iching is a poet and essayist from Nigeria. He is a contributing writer for Joshuastruth Magazine (JT MAG) and His work has appeared in the Pondersavant, Literary Yard Journal, and other publications. Recently, his work has been considered for inclusion in Words and Whispers Journal, Last Leaves Magazine, and College Ville Institute. In his spare time, he writes and plays the keyboard.

One thought on “Gegenrasse and Other Poems by Okpeta, Gideon Iching

  1. Okpeta, Gideon’s (is that correct?) poem “Voyage of the Lame” is incredibly insightful. The following lines speak volumes: ” idle hands blame God for notbeing caring enough–” How true that is! If only we would give every one of our tasks everything we had, we would all have a much better world. Frank Kowal


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