By Regina Elliot


“A Mrs. Claus Heart”

A Mrs. Claus heart,
is to be giving,
a woman-
who cherishes Christmastide
in all the months of the year,
charity is a gift to her-
that God knows she will share.

“Christmas Moments”

Shoppers buying their families’ gift wishes,
one with thoughts of hand painted reindeer dishes,
the holiday traffic curves like
a long red ribbon, so perfect,
as children’s eyes reflect,
the joy of Santa at the mall,
some memories I recall-
gingerbread men, fruitcakes,
and when the tips of our tongues
reached for falling snowflakes.

Christmas moments,
they don’t have to be fleeting,
let’s send out Christmas card greetings,
our young grandchildren
may be Yuletide baking rookies,
but the aroma of their angel sugar cookies,
complete such a festive scene,
and we don’t mind a mess,
made of royal icing red and green.

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