In a world that is filled with distress

The light can still shine in darkness

For while there was no room in the inn

The angels made sure it wasn’t the end.
Ensuring as promised The Word became flesh

To bring goodness on earth a refresh

So that none who believe are a stranger

To The King who was born in a manger.
Being strapped by wrongs that are ever confining

And preventing our stars from shining

The Truth arrived on Christmas Eve

Providing us all with a great reprieve.
This gift of freedom from strife

Was embodied by Him who is The Life

Permitting carols and bells on Christmas Day

To help us cheer that He is The Way.  

Author’s Bio:
Luisa Kay Reyes has had pieces featured in “The Raven Chronicles”, “The Windmill”, “The Foliate Oak”, “The Eastern Iowa Review”,  and other literary magazines.  Her essay, “Thank You”, is the winner of the April 2017 memoir contest of “The Dead Mule School Of Southern Literature”.  And her Christmas poem was a first place winner in the 16th Annual Stark County District Library Poetry Contest. Additionally, her essay “My Border Crossing” received a Pushcart Prize nomination from the Port Yonder Press.  And two of her essays have been nominated for the “Best of the Net” anthology. With one of her essays recently being featured on “The Dirty Spoon” radio hour. 

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