Any mountain

He who sees the other side, with outstretched wing’s the world
to glide, a man , an angel
Amongst loves power
Cast away not any hour
For his kingdom and those of faith,
He is the watchman, to keep them safe, With loving arms he comes to prove, that any mountain he can move.


Flower..   the birds returned to sing.


I grew you in my garden…. flower

For many hours and days, a special bond

Between us,  nurturing in many ways

I had not met the likes of you

But loved you evermore, at first glance

I fell in love, and you I did adore

My garden was your peaceful place

The days you grew becoming strong

And how the birds returned to sing

The moment you came along.

Nardine Sanderson 12/05/2019.


The whisper of Love – it can be heard.

Some day we’ll sit beside our love
In peace and promise holding hand

Where beauty comes from inner sollice
And reconnects our hearts with land

The leaves that fall like paper hearts
Pink with love as passions care

Cover the landing of our dreams
And beautify all promises there

Deep in the silence of the trees
The whisper of Love it can be heard

And as you look within their eyes
Hear loves depths without a word

It’s the unspoken voice of love
That burrows deepest with the heart

And comes with light in many forms
In all its passionate longing arms

And so I’ll hold you close to mine
When we too sit beneath that tree

And you shall hear my everlasting
Each Breath in love’s eternity.

Nardine Sanderson 11/05/2019.

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