White Fairy Lights Brighten the Trails

By Carmen F Micsa Life can be a fairy-tale Photo by CARMEN F MICSA, Salmon Falls Trails, CA  White fairy lanterns — orbits of light cascade down winter’s raw and reddish earth on an early spring day. Wide-opened cups of joy —  nature’s nod to winter’s sorrows melted away as quickly as chirping sparrows. Serene snow globes, the delicate white … Continue reading White Fairy Lights Brighten the Trails

Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)

319 Hummingbird feeder In a hibernating tree— My bare hands are cold. 320 April showers wash Away Japanese flowers— Bonsai gardener. 321 How could I ever Count the raindrops on windows— Reflection of stars. 322 My foot plunges in Puddles deep as trenches chilled With the absent light.   323 A faceless chamber Voting against … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)

Poems by Nardine Sanderson

Untainted flowers. ___________________ Untainted flowers have come to rest Where love resides, within my chest A beating heart where once lacked light Beautifully grown, this garden in sight. Bright eye _____________ She may have wept his parted days, and sleepless nights a restless gaze Into starlight there above In countless mourning Of their love For … Continue reading Poems by Nardine Sanderson