By Thomas Page

“Late December Days”

Late December days are just blurs
Because of the Yuletide havoc
Causing panic amongst shoppers.
Can I e’er so gentle be lured
To reverie on a hammock
Without worry about the toppers
On Douglas firs or green spruces?
A sense of meeting toward truces.

“The Name of This Town”

The name of this town has changed
To Clinton. The high school is called
Surratsville because that was the
Old name. Mr. Surratt was the
Postmaster. His son was one of
The president-killers: Cassius
To Brutus. The government hung
His mom to get him; he went free.


Catalogues online are very
Hard because out-of-stock items
Disappear forever. Excuse
Me, I was trying to find that
Shirt in my size, now it’s gone for
Eternity. Eons upon
Eons I must live without that
Shirt—age of frustrated shopping.

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