The Rollcall: A Dynastic Saga in Five Parts

By Amrita Valan I. The Beginning / Choddopurush Recalling names of forefathers Time travelling fourteen generations A rollcall of honors Bestowed by birth. For each prior generation Genetic heritage halved, Then quartered. Spliced again, till Beyond the fourteenth, The inheritance dwindles Below decimal percentage. This proves our common pool Of humanity shares One common genome. … Continue reading The Rollcall: A Dynastic Saga in Five Parts

Pratt Street, Baltimore: A Nonfiction Story

By George Keyes There are several famous courses and stores along Pratt Street that seems to carry a common railroad myth to the Western Hemisphere. There is the link to the historical traffic at the Mount Clare Station near of Pratt and Poppleton Streets that was the first  full-fledged railroad depot in the entire country … Continue reading Pratt Street, Baltimore: A Nonfiction Story

Moonlight Over the Coconut Field

By George Keyes A PIECE OF LIFE It doesn’t matter how many times I come to Washington, District of Columbia, there’s always a thrill. Its old splendidly designed wide avenues lined with high-reaching trees and exquisite modernized buildings make it the most astonished city in the world. One observer can never forget the superb dome … Continue reading Moonlight Over the Coconut Field

A Key About History

By Alex Andy Phuong   The past and present connect by The significance of recording history through writing. Manuscripts can save the past from obscurity. Because of the subjective nature of memory, recounting historical events could result in writing that contain fictional elements. Written work that authors compose could reflect a distorted perception of themselves … Continue reading A Key About History