By George Keyes 1 “There is no time, no day, just the existence of being in this neo-planet which it has become our home, Hitoshi. Ah, can we have the gift to restore ourselves again to the last glory?” He looked at his beloved dog Hitoshi, and remarkable enough, he nodded his head in a … Continue reading Raiden

The Burrow

By George Keye Prologue Meet our personified friends: Leticia Callaghan, Sean Holtz and Cuco.             Leticia Callaghan is a self-contained organism. All the tissues and organs and cells from which the past human body has been composed are self-generated as well as self-adapted and they are considered essential to any environment include the most dare … Continue reading The Burrow

Pratt Street, Baltimore: A Nonfiction Story

By George Keyes There are several famous courses and stores along Pratt Street that seems to carry a common railroad myth to the Western Hemisphere. There is the link to the historical traffic at the Mount Clare Station near of Pratt and Poppleton Streets that was the first  full-fledged railroad depot in the entire country … Continue reading Pratt Street, Baltimore: A Nonfiction Story

Moonlight Over the Coconut Field

By George Keyes A PIECE OF LIFE It doesn’t matter how many times I come to Washington, District of Columbia, there’s always a thrill. Its old splendidly designed wide avenues lined with high-reaching trees and exquisite modernized buildings make it the most astonished city in the world. One observer can never forget the superb dome … Continue reading Moonlight Over the Coconut Field