By George Keye


Meet our personified friends: Leticia Callaghan, Sean Holtz and Cuco.

            Leticia Callaghan is a self-contained organism. All the tissues and organs and cells from which the past human body has been composed are self-generated as well as self-adapted and they are considered essential to any environment include the most dare conditions. All Leticia Callaghan’s protoplasm and nucleus are self-cloning genetics, which Leticia Callaghan can change their outline of her within and multiply herself in a few minutes. Her nutrition, which is differentiated from each other organism, is self-processing. That is, she is able to control the needs of her body stage or she can reduce it to nothing. Also, she can change her own pigment; her own cartilage; her own structure and her own physical properties of her bones. A bone of her finger can be a stiletto and a self-ignited weapon while her entire body can be shaped.  Her cranial nerves such as sensory, motor, as well as her cerebra-spinal nerves, are self-generated forms. It is also the capacity of her brain that many microscopic sizes are separated by non-formation or by embryological links. She can change the beat rate of her heart and this is the most because she can stop at all the heartbeat. In addition, she can be in the water for hours or years without the need of oxygen. In her pigment mechanism she can absorb nutrition if she needs to activate important cells of her body. But her lungs, heart, trachea, like an important lineage of human body can be combined by microscopic atomic dots and at the same time they can be simultaneously separated by tiniest self-nodule.

            The reader is probably asking: Is Leticia Callaghan a human?

            Yes! She is the newest human we know from the past of 200 years.

            For the boys she is a beautiful, sexy, sweet, sincere, and discreet young girl, who is a bit over seven heights, and she is pretty and contented, and as she wears a weaver halter and a denim caprice and designed with a symbol that stated does-in.  For the girls she is a classy, attractive, intelligent, and cool girl for mutual long- or short-term relationship.

            Sean Holtz has the self-organism of Leticia. Like any boys, he is a mixture of many different qualities and he should be considered within the context of his own regulation. He can grow in form. The two essentials, therefore, between Leticia and Sean, is that his style is constantly found in his natural stage as well as his inorganic chromosomes and his mega-metamorphosis. Both of them having a composition identical and it is varying greatly in shapes from any past human beings. For the boys Sean Holtz is easygoing, generous, and very cool. For the girls Sean Holtz is eight height, slender, athletic, intelligent, sensitive, kind heart, handsome and cool, who is wearing blade runner shorts, a teen long-sleeve layering tee and it is wrapped up to his arms and sandals.

            Unlikely Sean and Leticia, Cuco is a wild animal! Yet he makes them a faithful pet and companion. Cuco is more than that. He has the ability to talk, to math, to create music, and as self-analytical, perfect genes, and with just a touch of his own larger-than-life he can be a dragon or machine.

Chapter 1

Leticia, Sean, and Cuco

            The Self-Computer Amplifier’s voice was heard.

            “I’ve a call for you, Lety.”

            “Put it through my Self-Speaker. I’m still sleeping.”

            “She wants to know who it is.”

            “It’s me, Lety. Sean. Awoke up.”

            “Personification is retrieved.”

            “Hi, Sean! What’s up?”

            “The Zooids are here!”

            “That’s impossible, Sean! Time cannot be reproduced.”

            “They did it, Lety. I think they’re moving very fast to a place called Earth.”

            “Are you sure about this?”

            “Yes. I am sure.”

            “But why Earth? Why not Mercury or Venus? All of these are part of our Galaxy Home, aren’t they?”

            “I don’t know, Lety. But I am telling you this that they will be both astride to the time and outer space next to us. So maybe they have consumed already the weakened space of them.”

            “How could they able to pass the Gallivorous Wavers?”

            “There are more mysteries! They’ve become the Gallivorous themselves.”

            “Oh, my goodness!” she said. “What time was that?”

            “According to my Self-Reading watch it was 2220.”

            “It cannot be, Sean. It’s 2200 already!”

            “Not anymore, Lety. Today is December 39!”

            “The Symbol of Aquarius of the Water, isn’t it?”

            “Yes. It’s the primitive calendar of Azarchild. And the year is 6,600 mya.”

            “Are they making us to go backward? This is a criminal offense!”

            “Not for us, but the people who are living in the solar called Earth.”

            “Oh, dear! What are we going to do?”

            “It’s absolutely nothing.”

            “What did you mean, Sean? Nothing!” she said. “There must be some way to bring their attention. If the Zooids have made it to believe that, they can do it by reproducing expectation of Gravity and they can clock us you know where. There has been a change in communication the so-called Internet’s receiver. They have masterminded the experiment several months back, which they have used three confirmations from that hydro-electric engineer called “Yahoo’s Motorize Clock” and we can use it by giving them the prediction within about one second. If we can do nothing it is going to hurt us.”

            “Their Wirer has been infected by unknown viruses called ‘Vry” and it will be uncomfortable for anyone else to clean it,” he said. “There is nothing more we can do, Lety, believe me,” Sean finally said. “Our senses are stronger than them. It will be impossible to generate them as a self-vacuum.”

            “That isn’t true, Sean!” Leticia said. “Something can be done! I know we can.”

            “All right, Leticia. “What do you have in mind? You have done something drastic to the generator that I can’t read your lines.”

            “Ah, Sean.  I’m creating for myself a Negative Error from my own self-generator and it will be excellent to control the Zooids.”

            “I can do it the same.”

            “Cool!” she said. “I’m going to tell you I like the idea.”

            “I am finishing it and the way I see it works.”


            “Now, first, I’ll make a call to Cuco.”


            “And let your Self-Computer on.”

            “Where are you now?”

            “I’m in Jupiter, but I’ll get back to you about twenty minutes. I want to be sure if we have the same year in Saturn.”

            “Do you think it doesn’t?”

            “It does not then we have a big problem, because already Earth is underneath us!”

            “Oh, Sean! I hope not.”

            “You will wait for my call.”

         Twenty minutes later Sean’s voice was scanned by Leticia’s Self-Computer’s receiver.

            “I’ve a call from Sean, Leticia.”

            “Pass it through.”


            “I am here.”

            “I did not find Cuco. But his Self-Vision Recognition has told me that he is in vacations.”

            “Vacations? Where he went?”

            “A place called Cancer?”

            “Is there any way to call him up?”


            “What then?”

            “I don’t know…”

            “That isn’t good.”

            “No. It’s not good at all.”

            “Now what?”

            “Well, we’ve to find Cuco. Then, how can we stop the Zooids?”

            “Where are we going to meet?”

            “Well, we meet in Uranus. You’ve only 84 years of traveling!”

            “I’ll take me about one hour. I’ll show you my sport sedan. I see ya!”

Chapter 2

The California Floating Tower

            On the day of the 23rd of March, 4019

            “Oh, my goodness!”

            “What happens?”

            “I think I lose John!” Ruth said as he looked Roger. “John! John! Please answer me! John!” Ruth looked at Roger haughtily.

            “Maybe he has turned off the radio.”

            “Hey, guys, John is here and this does not look good…”

            “John, we’ve difficulty to hear you. I want you to use the Self-Automatic Identification. It’s important. John! John! Are you hearing me? I don’t know what is going on to these lines….” he yelled. “Hey, hey, I’m losing you again,” he said, turning sharply, pushing the chair back and stood up. Ruth looked at him on the opposite side.

            Rhoda came to him.

            “I’m here now. Do you hear me? Roger? Roger? Do you hear me now? Hey, Roger! Hey, Ruth! Hey, Rhonda! Is anybody there?”

            “Would you please do something here, Rhoda?”

            “I’ve done all you told me to do, Roger.”

            “What about you, Ruth?” Roger ran down onto the corridor that led to the Super Error1001 generator, a primitive machine of Standard Normal Distribution that she would be able to check against gross error by indicating whether a score could be above or below zero. Quickly, he opened the door and pulled down the master shutter. But his hand snapped back in fire. “Jesus!”

            “What now?”

            “This thing is hot.”

            “What do you mean it’s hot?”

            “Hot, Ruth!”

            Then they heard John’s voice again.

            “Hey, Roger!” Rhonda yelled. “John is on.”

            “I cannot believe it.” He moved back in pain to the enormous control panel and sat. “Do you fix this, Ruth?”

            “No. But I guess it out and Californian wireless connection is missing.”

            “It’s nothing then, uh?” Roger grasped the Earphone-Vision and connected it to the only outcome line that was adjusted on the Electric panel. “John…John…”

            Rhonda and Ruth stared at him. It was Rhonda who was sure that voice was belonging to John which she had not heard it before. She slipped herself in front of Roger. As she wrote on a note some words and placed it on the desk. She indicated the note to Roger, but Roger was busied yelling John’s name.

            “I heard you now louder and clear, Roger,” John’s molded was saying.

            “I swear it, man! I am going to kill you! You’ve scared the hell of us!”

            Ruth did not say a word. Instead she touched Roger’s right shoulder. At the same time the main computer exploded.

            “Oh no!”


            “What, Ruth?”

            “Maybe I did fall into the superstition, but this was not John. You have to see the lines of his voice on the standard normal distribution’s panel. It was 0.01651 and the standard deviation was only å c =9017171.”

            Roger did not say word. But he did recognize there was a problem. He shrugged helplessly as he was watching the whole panel went black. He nodded. “We must be prepared, Rhoda and you too Ruth. I don’t like it. We must call Washington.”

            Rhonda and Ruth looked at him, and then suddenly there was puff. It was followed by a bluntly exploration throughout the third and last generator.

            “Oh, shoe it out!”

            And then the MasterPanel of X-9000 went silence.

Chapter 3

Immediately after that explosion of the MasterPanel of X-9000, Internet Network accesses from Strait to the Mediterranean island stopped past 1430. By the end of the last call from a Californian Eureka office, the black mass already had begun to move along the border of Oregon State, slipping throughout the Mountain Shasta, and kept moving with a velocity of 1900 miles per seconds. 25 seconds past 1600 the massive waves hit Tahoe City and Sacramento simultaneously.

            110 kilometers deep, a magic rock exploded. It opened a hole along Lake Tahoe and it existed up directly to the border of Nevada. Clay-rich rocks windflaw and glacial outwash sand eroded heavily. It was then from Carson City 50 miles east; a second mass was driving itself with the same speed of 1000 miles per hour. Edging Yosemite National Park, before it reached Sierra Nevada, the first mass stopped by same force if it were a living machine. The second mass seemed to undercut it, causing huge blocks to split into three tectonic forces. Gathering sufficiently energy from the first going-mass, the second mass broke even. It was a force that holds it still. Interesting half of this mass of Nevada remained there mysteriously which the other mass started to speed off.  It would reach Berkeley in 5 seconds, then San Francisco in 3 seconds, and finally Oakland and Polo Alto at the same speed in 2 seconds and half. With such force, the mass was moving now to coastline. It stopped elegantly which it had slumped down the shorelines and dominates now all waves underneath it.

            100 seconds later, the first mass reached the lovely coastlines. This mass seemed to energize itself. There was a split of a fraction of seconds; and three strong going-mass energized pushers from it but it kept moving they passed over. In Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove, and Monterey the first mass took root just as the second mass had already invaded Modesto, Turlock, Merced and Chowchilla. They held there firmly on Fresno. With an elegant tip, the third going-mass was coming from Juan Joaquin Valley, took 33 Freeway and moved faster enough to reach across Bakersfield and before reached 184 miles off from Los Padres National Forest, there was a fourth mass was waiting them. Slowly, after 17 seconds later, the sea-level rose, then it closed in and Californian coasts lowered. 5 seconds passed and then it was washed off.

            But the human’ forefathers had thought about it. It was then the entire California like a curvature of brachiopod shifting into its own space around herself and circling its massive body in this burrow channel. As Albert Einstein had taught them that a force of gravity and the planets and moons could be falling freely and traveling as straight as they could this massive root of California detached freely from the primitive platform and holding itself in motion. Water was coming from its shell, and in certain direction in Space Sea by virtue of its motion was part of this twenty-century genius device California looked like a planet and its massive body distorted now in time and Space Sea balanced calm around itself.

Chapter 4

Atlantic Ocean, 5000 B.C

In a particular daylight they were traveling to Greensea California and they arrived in the falling track that was not directed at the centre of the floating city. Sean was in his last drop of liquor protein as his body absorbed it slowly from his system. Neither Leticia nor Cuco were able to see where the place was called C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A. They suspended their hydro-lesser jet on the air. Water was coming by forces from North Atlantic and there was such massive crater in perfect triangle around its depth.

            “Sean, don’t you think we have come later.”

            “I don’t know, Leticia.”

            Cuco spoke by looking at the clock. “We are in an average altitude of 300,000 feet and its last message has been recorded in September 4020.”

            “It has to be a different rate from that deviation, Cuco.”

            “No, Lety. It does not!” Cuco observed. “It will be then that we are able to walk on it. To avoid any misapprehension, you should check our time-space.”

            “Yes, you are right, Cuco, but I got that feeling that they are still alive and that we cannot avoid recording them.”

            “Well then are we going to land?”

            “Let them Hydro Second Commander takes over.”

            “All right.”

            A wave-cut gas at low tide began to arise from the depth of the sea. In softer sediments of water it disintegrated itself by the physical bacteria as it was pushing into Metazoans. As these single-celled animals emerged, the surface bounded just below sea level and created a solid platform. Gradually, a different, positive-feedback process began. Narrow first, then it split away. The tiny parasitic animals the humans recognized as worm-like snakes with three inches were everywhere. They were halfway to become a multiple cell within the central a giant body.

            “Are you able to see what I see?” Leticia asked as she had been watching the earlier process of the waves as the jet provides the quickest and most graphic route over it to land.

            “Yes, I see it.”

            “Can it be the Zooids?”

            “It’s too obvious, Sean.”

            Outside then the cells broke against its central unit and exploded with more than 1,000,000,000 billion phyla. Almost a tedious 3890-mile loop around and around as the same process and the same enclosure layers, and finally the explosion of cells.

            “Are we able to land, Cuco?”

            “Yes, Leticia. But I have not seen yet a light from any moving object.”

            “Have you sent any message then?” Leticia asked.

            Sean looked at Cuco.

            “Not yet,” Cuco replied.

            “I do expect we are not going to find any humans back there, Leticia,” Sean observed.

            “Twenty centuries before astronomers had foreseen us about this, but it would take the same length before we have a serious interest in them. Whether it is just luck or it is no more relevant for what we have accomplished.”

            “I hope you are all right, Cuco.”

            Leticia smiled at Cuco and then she looked back at Sean.


            “We are here already, Lety. Let’s go.”

Chapter 5


            There were the grasses along the open sealand from the Mathematical Graphic Eye to the Bull Cryostat. Both of the reasoning points and the essential predictions were just coming into zero, drying in the artificial hot sun as if it were soil, not creak to grow, for which it was creating this deepened in its abreast. Where the grasses lay together downward and hurled the emptiness flow of untwisting vegetation, there was the bare of ugliness as it seemed to respond the staggering contrast upon this passage. But when it sees under the experimental rain the yellow image pushed itself up, and when they began to alter the countryside’s abreast all softness moved away toward the more distance of the corner of this huge sealand sinking more behind the uncared sterling of the mountainous isolation of water and space.

            “How it goes, Ruth?”

            She looked at Roger. “I can’t see a thing, Roger.”

            “We have to do something,” Rhonda observed as she was seated in front of her panel.          “Eventually any changes in pressure, temperature and magnetism will be against us and it is going to weak the already fragile gravitation.”

            “It was supposed to fix it automatically.”

            “Not around the crater, Ruth,” Rhonda observed. “Remember, all the generators have failed. We just can wait from Tester’s self-motion to revive himself.”

            “Is that true, Roger?”


            The floating California’s shell like an aircraft had crossed Alberta, Canada, now in the Tropical Zone Indio and it made a briefly halt, but just at midnight, the day before of black hole, there was some vibrations beneath of its roots.

            “Are we in Artic Circle?” Ruth asked.

            “No, Ruth. We have passed it and you have been thinking that moonlight would come over the sureness of the horizon. Instead it was the cry of a big dog that the native of the past said was the spirit of the lower wolf. A canine from the past 10 million years and now he has refused to die in the founding downward.”

            “It does mean we are in the shorter diameter, doesn’t it?” Ruth asked again.

            “Well, not exactly, Ruth.”

            “In this condition we are not able to move back because the equatorial diameter of our floating California is greater than the polar diameter.” Ruth seemed to drop a reason to her own thoughts.

            “Except if some miracles will push us to the Equator.”

            “What miracle you are taking, Rhoda?” Ruth asked.


            It had been too hot now to see much of the sealand. They had been too hungry and too weak even to have such privilege to talk with passion why this sealand had been so crude under the backbone of their moving bodies. But the fake sunlight had begun to weak itself upon this part of the ridges and there was no hope to get some food and water for them. Except of course the population now trapped in their own domains could survive for a couple of years. Thanks God they would be able to have energy and communication and Roger was sure soon or later they were going to receive a hundred of message what was going on. It was then he had shifted into artificial mode of Californian mode giving that illusion that they were still seeing the beautiful passages of Californian soils. The question remained, how it was going to last? What kind of criminal mind has done this?

            Only one thing had not changed and Roger Barmaid knew straightforward was the ability of floating. It, too, eventually, would be gone.

            Roger spoke to the Mathematical Electric Engineer. It was called Tester for shorter, and its voice rushing.

            “Tester, can you see something?”

            “I am scanning myself, Roger, and there will be a few minutes I will able to tell you. I have saved my passwords and my cookies, so they are going to help me to be more objective.”

            “Please try to make it.”

            “I will.”

            Ruth looked at Roger. “Whatever it is we can’t stay here. We’ve to keep going.” She kept her eyes on the cocky face of Roger that his soften surface had begun to cut into awful lanes of blood and black shadows.

            “If we force it the entire California is going to deep more, Ruth. Let us wait for Tester’s Mathematical Visor to advise us what to do.”

            “It cannot be, Roger. We have lost all communications from DC Engineer, remember?”

            “What about John?” Rhonda asked.

            “He might be dead by now, Rhonda. Please, be real.”

            “I can authorize it to move, Ruth. We don’t know where we are. Any command, we can break the sealed valve.”

            “You just hear Self-Time Clocker Voice! We are several millions below Arctic Circle, Roger!”

            “I am the Navigator and I decide no for now, Ruth. You seem to forget we have a population out there and soon they will begin to notice we are floating!”

            “You must act now, Roger. Our equatorial system soon is going to hit under and that will be the end.”

            “Please, Ruth,” Rhonda told Ruth. “You use your common sense.”

            “I am trying, Rhonda.”

            “I’m trying harder, Ruth! You human seem to swim in shallow water so easier!”

            The blackness of her face lifted toward her. It seemed her eyes were closed under the unreal purity of sun’s rays or it were the wave of radiation that had begun to damage her visibility. And then the California’s casket appeared to accelerate itself, because of the rotation of the earth, or because of the hot surfaces below. Whatever it might be it was following the moving of equator. Slightly backward, during Roger and Ruth and Rhonda were watching the elliptical size of moon.

            “Are we moving? Answer me, Tester!”

            “I have not yet generated myself, Roger.”

            “Can you hurry it up, please?”

            “I go as faster as I can, Roger. Please, do not force me to speed it up.”

            And then there was the sun appeared to rise in the southeast, and its 78 half degrees, which its completion was not finish yet, splashing against the condensed measure of its California’s casket.

            “That is the sun and that means we are not in water but rather in the failing waves.”

            “We are thousand and thousand away from where we start!”

            “Oh, Mercy Heaven!”

            “I thought you already have figured it out where the sun starts and goes, Roger, but at least it will be a way to know where we are,” Ruth said in a low voice. As some words were hearings with difficult by the Recorder Device.

            Under his breath, he wanted to give them hope; a last fashion of the last month that had begun less to accommodate for the balance of their own safety.

            “We soon should see the big river,” he responded. “Just keep our eyes behind the ridges.”

            He stretched his hand and he closed it on Ruth’s right hand. Ruth lifted her head and her dried lips open with pain.

            “Just give me something else,” Ruth said. “The countryside is not enough to be there, but give me more than that, okay, Roger.” She removed her hand from his and her eyes had that moisture of tears.

            But even if Roger would give her something that lied over those mountains there was a big city below or what he told her that by following the long line of floating body and the endless air, he could not provide her for the real answer she had expected. They could not lie themselves there against the wind and against the range for which the burden of their safety was not sure and the people of the sealed burrow below.  

            When she was aware that he was still watching her, she said quietly. “Can you tell me there is not guarantee to live after that?”

            He began to explain it to her. He had to focus to the life that dependent what he had said before, but the realization of what they should consider this possibility to come up alive was indeed minimum. It carried his fear as a reason, a comfort, and then the view might be different.

            “I can’t see it,” Roger said. “Too much light has grounded me. You are still safe, Ruth. And you’re still having that need for sake of what we become.”

            “Two losers, may I say.”

            “What about Rhonda, Ruth?”

            “She’s an engineering machine, Roger.”

            “She can be changed, too.”

            “Yes, of course.”

            Dark came and went slowly over the fake mountains and then it carried itself over the open field that was the curvature space of the California floating place in which it was only half of what they might judge to see. It seemed a dark ocean, and where the Burrowing Channel’s reflection had been told them if it could not hold its unhesitatingly movements it was going to disappear completely.

            Roger turned his head from the vast land and gazed at Ruth’s face. And as if he had touched her, Ruth turned. For a moment the force of living from the people within the channel was almost instantaneous across her face. She thought she needed to be heard.

            “I know you are looking at me,” she said with a dangerous deception of repellent. “But this isn’t the main concern. Somehow, I cannot allow myself to miss good time I have before. Do you remember?”

            Roger didn’t reply. Instead, he turned his head toward Rhonda. “Can you tell me if you see the black blanket ahead, Rhonda?”

            “I can’t but there is something behind us. Perhaps, I can see it later on. But if I will not able to see it what it might be, you tell me what you are thinking.”

            “Can be a living wave?”

            “I don’t know it yet, Roger. You people did not make me able to generate past thought as well as to define by timeline. Perhaps, I will be able to answer that.”

            “Thank you, Rhonda.”

            “There is another thing, Roger. You should know it. I cannot gain or lose energy in this critical moment. I will possess less energy if I have to worry about this distortion.”

            No one would ever care about the other until now, Roger thought quietly, almost bitterly. But she couldn’t require having any proof to see otherwise. She can’t see, and it made him so vulnerable to her attack.

            “You would not blame me because of it,” Rhonda kept saying as she lifted her arm toward him. She saw Roger was fighting with himself to reply. “You shouldn’t answer it if you believe what I have said it true.”

            He said, “I want to respond but I don’t know what to say, Rhonda. It seems my brain little by little is abandoning me, too.”

            “Save your energy then, Roger,” she said. “You will need it.”

            “What about you, Rhonda?” Roger asked softly who seemed somehow to try to focus all his strength on her mind. For a moment the flow of thought seemed to stop. Also it stopped into Ruth as well. Roger kept looking at Rhonda. Scorched flesh was hanging from her face and lips. It was visible also that she was losing the ability to open her mouth. “All right, Rhonda, what it is?” he asked suddenly. It took Rhonda and Ruth for surprise. He did not have anything to say really. What he had been thinking was where the best way to put his words on perspective. Getting it right, and then he would not have any problem to guide her and Ruth and the million people below them to a ground safe and find who had done it.

            “We’re going all the way with the shadows of the moonlight,” Rhonda said poetically.

            “Yes, Rhonda. But I refuse myself to give up literarily.”

            “I know.” Rhonda tried to smile. “And that is why I chose you, so that all doubt could be recognized as the last resource.”

            “We are dying Rhonda, aren’t we?” he said as he was feeling his legs stumbling.

            “Not yet, Roger!”

            He concentrated on Rhonda’s face. He could not see anything, just as an illusion of a face and a body that began to grow.

            “Squeeze my arm, Rhonda,” he said. “I want to be sure you’re with me.”

            She quickened pulse to it but Roger could not feel it.

            “I squeezed it but I do not know if you have felt it.”

            “No,” he said. “It will be okay. I know you are here with us.”

            “I am, Roger. I should. But I am stronger than you and Ruth.”

            Roger looked around. Dark was all what he found. There was no secret — and life in this ground bathed by the darkness was also a constrained sense of mercy. And more dangerous, Roger thought. What it might mean to maintain them together.

            “Can’t you feel my body, eh, Rhonda?” Roger asked.

            “No, I don’t. But I can see through notions.”

            “You what?”

            “I can see it by the motion of my own energy, Roger. I can generate it in particulars,” she said.

            “That is impossible, Rhonda. No one could see through that darkness. It is an illusion.”

            “I can see.”

            “We’re the same height and shape,” Roger said, “the darkness is around us without any resemblance of living organism.”

            He rose to his feet. With such quickly motion, his brain shock himself and it took him out of balance. He went on and fell.

            “Roger! Roger!” Rhonda called so did Ruth. “What happened? Are you all right?”

            “I am fine.”

            With extremely difficulty, Roger got up. He felt he was disoriented for a few minutes.

            “Can you talk?”

            “Of course I can talk!”

            “You might be recalled what you said. We both need help here.”

            “I’m all right.”


            “You wouldn’t want me to share my pain with you, would you?”

            “If it makes you to feel better, I will take it,” Ruth replied.

            “This is not any weightless feature, Ruth.” He gathered control again and grasped her. “We need to think about them.”

            “So far we are safe, which lies naturally ahead of our designed burrowing tunnel. There is no force or stone of destruction have hit us. If that happens, we are able to live into it. Later, we can figure it out.”

            Roger looked at Ruth, and then he glanced back at Rhonda sitting in front of the Visor Panel as she nodding toward him. Roger leaned back as he seemed to be compensated for what Ruth had told him. He knew the situation was awful and that burrow where California was in remains entirely within one time-shell mold and its energy of motion soon was going to reach zero if there was a refill. He wanted to see some lights but what he had seen more darkness was all over the place. It had been forced himself to look away and tipped his head to one side and the other.

            “I have changed my mind. We should stop,” he said. “I can’t see anything in front of me.”

            “Don’t let it to bother you,” Rhonda said. “Because any one of us can feel what it does mean to die in a place like. It is our home.”

            “I am almost believed we are,” Roger said. At this moment a shrill sound was heard and, in the distance, it was mixing by the rushing sounds of water.

            “Can you hear that?”

            “Who might be, Roger?”

            “Probably it will be the people who are unknown to us.”

            “It’s me, Roger. My time-shell Reply is back and I am in function. What you are hearing is coming out from the Earth. No expenditure of energy is sending it yet, but Its Message is traveling much more slowly than my own perception. Can you feel it, Rhonda?”

            “Yes, Tester, and I am sure is moving within the waves.”

            “Yes, yes.”

            “Can be worms?”

            “It requires a ground and we do not have one.”

            “Can you visualize it, Tester?”

            “Yes,” Self-Test Reader Computer said. “You are able to see it. Remember, their motion can be multiplied by the same energy of your brain, except Rhonda because she is in components. Now, are you ready?  There they are!”

            Outside, there was California. And now inside this brachial valve which it below the concentric burrow, there were Sean, Cuco and Leticia. They could be seen themselves outlined from above but inside from Tester’s screen.

            “How can we move in, Leticia?”

            “They are in this pedicle valve, and I am afraid many of them have died already or they need help badly.”

            “Hey, Sean! Leticia! I receive some messages.”

            “By whom?”

            “By a Satellite named Tester.”

            “That is a good idea, Cuco.”

            “What do they want?” Leticia asked.

            “It’s he. And he wants to know who we are.”

            “Well, tell them we are here to help them.”

            Cuco sent to message, and then he looked at Sean. “He wants to know how?”

            “Well, tell him we are working on it.”

            “I got it, Sean!” Leticia said loud.


            “We can move through its frequency.”

            “Their frequency is considered a primitive outlet, Lety. Besides, we can catch some deadly virus and we can die. It’s dangerous, Lety.”

            “Cuco is here and he can tramline us into it.”

            “Yes, I can do it, Sean.”

            “Don’t you, Cuco?”


            “Well, let us do it.”

            “It’s necessary to send a speed lighter. He will have 0.87171 seconds of fraction to decode it and then we can respond it to us, but there will be a deviation upon the effectiveness how that Tester could figure it out. By that time, we are in.”

            “Brilliant, Leticia!” Sean exclaimed.

            “I am ready!” Cuco said.

            “Do it, Cuco!”

            Cuco guided the distortion message in speedy motion. Tester of California Burrow Space curving it as it tried to decode it, but it was impossible. By now Leticia, Sean, and Cuco, in their metamorphosis had entered into the almost perfectly capacity of Tester’s brain. There was a 0.001 second later they were in the burrowing channel.

Chapter 6

Rhonda was the first who saw Cuco, then Sean, and finally Leticia.

            “Who are you and how you guys have moved in?”

            “My name is Sean and this Leticia and that over there is Cuco. We are from Bureaus-Time Decode. You know it is located in Galaxy. “

            “It cannot be,” Roger said.”

            “Believe it or not we are here, and we want to motion it back to place.”

            “We are behind time and we are downwards in the path of vanish.”

            “Not yet,” Leticia replied. “So far you have done a good job not to generate it into the burrow channel in motion, but also by leaving it in slowly motion body as it is acting as a massive object.”

            Ruth looked at Roger and smiled slightly. “That was his idea.”

            “Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Roger Barmaid, a US Navy engineer and this is my entire crew. Ruth Smith, Rhonda X91. And of course, Tester I think you already have met him.”

            “Thank you, Mr. Barmaid. So, wouldn’t you mind to let us to take it over?”

            “Of course not,” Roger said. “Perhaps we can learn from your expertise.”

            Leticia smiled. “How many people are in the burrow?”

            “According to our Source of July 4019 there would be 90,000,000.”

            “Cuco, can tell us if they are dead or alive?”

            “Certainly, Lety.” Cuco flashed a second finger and inserted it into Tester’s sensibility brain and then all the presents have a vision of Californian people. One by one had been checking. Three minutes and twenty seconds later the 90 million had been checked. “2,781,901 need assistance, Leticia.”

            “Are you able to provide it, Cuco?”

            “Yes, Leticia.” He looked at Roger. “Where I can find the Astrophysical Chip?”

            “We lost it.”

            “Well, no problem.”

            “What are you going to do?” Roger asked as he saw Cuco moving toward Rhonda.

            “Can I connect myself to you, Rhonda?”

            “I am only a communicator.”

            “It will be perfect.”

            “All right.”

            “Make a regular call to the main Tower of Maker’s 8181 G and then you let it open.”

            “Don’t you think it’s going to work?”

            Cuco smiled at Rhonda and she seemed to feel his handsome robotic features very sexy and hot.


            She made the call. From the Visor Panel, they were able to see the needy people. Exactly at the same frequency they would be feeding for themselves. It provided the quickest energy for their nutritive systems.

            “It’s done, Leticia.”

            “We never thought about it,” Roger observed.

            Sean looked at Roger and smiled. “I know. And now, let Lety to take you guys from this hole.”

            Leticia seated at the panel as she transformed herself into the energy of the burrowing system. “You are going to feel an intense gravity and then a splash, and finally the ground will turn and its altitude will be reduced on place.”

            There was a silence and one billionth of a second every second the massive Burrow inside California began to move back into place. Water, mountains, space in a very precise atomic clock they were moving, breaking, choking off obstacles. From the Panel Roger, Ruth, and Rhonda witnessed the people coming out of their residences and looking around and then upward. Some comments were hearing.

            “Have you felt it?”

            “It might be an earthquake.”

            “But are we moving?”

            “No, we are not!”

            It was then a splash of water was falling out of the ordinary, and then it was over.

            In the Observatory’s hall, Roger looked at Sean.

            “Can we able to exchange ideas, Sean?”

            “Of course, Roger, and that will be good for us.” He said. “All what I require from you to have a meeting and to discuss it.”

            “I can do it.”

            Leticia looked at Sean. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Roger.”

            “All is mine, Leticia.”

            Rhonda and Ruth, escorted by Cuco, arrived. “Are we leaving?”

            “Yes, Cuco,” Sean said as he watched Rhonda and Ruth next to Cuco. “Is there any problem?”

            “No, of course not. I thought…” He looked at Rhonda. “Don’t forget to text me, Rhonda. We may get together sometime this weekend.”

            “I will.”

            Ruth smiled as she looked at Rhonda and Cuco, now moving toward Sean. “I think he likes you.”

“Don’t be silly, Ruth!”

            “Oh, yeah.”

            They came out of the Observatory’s hall. Sean retrieved a Hydro Cloning Phone and input some numbers. From the space, a cloned atomic jet appeared and landed several feet from the entrance of the Observatory.

            “Well, Roger, we must be going.”

            “How long it will take you and your companions to reach your Galaxy Home?”
            “A week, but for you it will take years.”

            “We hope you are going to resolve it for us.”

            Sean, Cuco, and Leticia smiled.

            Leticia spoke. “If you guys stop playing with virus, we can help you. Remember, we are the relevant, and a Mathematical Error cannot be the same of Normal Deviation, Roger. It will be worse. I see you.”

            “Bye, Leticia!”



            “Bye, bye.”

            “Adios, Cuco!”

            “Don’t forget to text me.”

            Cuco, Sean, and Leticia reached the jet and moved in. Inside, they seated. The automatic belts drowned and wrapped themselves around their body. Almost immediate after they had seated and secured by self-belts, Hydro’s voice was heard. “Are we ready, sir?”

            “Yes, Hydro. Take us home!”

            “Certainly, sir.”

            Its door closed, and then it lifted itself high, and by such speed of 0.00091 seconds it was gone.




            He was the responsible and he was arrested in Saturn several years later. Why would anyone like John go to Saturn?

            Most criminals weren’t given a choice. Saturn City was a court ground for boys like John.

One thought on “The Burrow

  1. I found “The Burrow” both interesting and, at times, a bit confusing. I think it’s a challenge for any writer to imagine what life will be like 20 or 30 years in the future, let alone 2,000 years in the future, the way it is in Mr. Keye’s story. Several years ago I tried writing such a futuristic short story, only to realize that the technology I had created for the story, which took place in the year 3010, would probably be “old-fashioned” by that time anyway. Sincerely, Frank Kowal


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