The Barn

By Michael J. Barrington She was asleep now, her head leaning on his outstretched arm, her delicate, dainty fingers finally relaxing their grip on his huge, calloused hand. The musky scent of her beautiful, long hair, she was so proud of it, stirred up old memories of happier times. He knew every inch of her face, … Continue reading The Barn

An Hour in the Life of a Five-Year-Old Pool Player

By Francine Rodriguez The parking lot in front of King Drew Place of Family on Central Avenue, was nearly full that morning in 1994.  I didn’t recognize any of the cars filling the lot, stacked one behind the other. Gangster cars, black Suburbans, Escalades, and lowriders, like the ones in my neighborhood, like the 61 … Continue reading An Hour in the Life of a Five-Year-Old Pool Player

Poems by Alan Parry

Office Job dying of life – wasted while Americana – tinny/quiet – plays in the background   and the walls encroach and the windows shake   Children the sister is sitting cross-legged on her bedroom floor in torn jeans – surrounded by                   shadows/glossy magazines/scissors/tape/scrapbooks making kings and queens – fawning over idols the older brother … Continue reading Poems by Alan Parry