By Lamont A. Turner

My darling Stephanie, you were so young
And possessed with a grace unmatched in all
The poet’s lore and songs of love once sung
By kind Euterpe who would enthrall
The lost and lonely in unending nights
Of tempestuous, impassioned delights.

I belonged to you from the moment you
Kissed my cheek, awakening feelings born
In childhood dreams of sweet romance made true
By lips that mended a soul stained and worn
From a lifetime of waiting for release
From torment of sorrow without surcease

I was yours before in your cradle you did lie
And I will be yours until the day you die.

Lamont A. Turner’s work has appeared in numerous online and print venues including The Stray Branch, Discretionary Love, Mystery Weekly, Horla, Mystery Tribune, Frontier Tales, Cosmic Horror Monthly, Dark Dossier, and other magazines, podcasts and anthologies. His short story collection, “Souls In A Blender” was released by St. Rooster Books in October 2021.

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