By Maureen Barron

Boring Maureen

When I was small I hated my name
why was I called Maureen?
I wanted a nice name
If I had a nice name
not Maureen or Doreen
I would be popular at school
People with names like Julia
Beverly, Fern or Celia
had lots of friends
and had surnames that
started with a or b or c
were first on the register
not last with a W like me.
I wanted a nice name
so every chance I got
when playing a make believe game
I called myself Clementine
now that was a divine name
I wasn't boring Maureen I was
Oh my darling Clementine
Just like in the song.

The Scan

A disembodied voice says loudly
'Take a deep breath in and hold',
after what seems like an eternity
'Okay, you may breath normally.'

Eyes squeezed shut in the scanner
tunnel to prevent claustrophobia
the voice repeats several times
until it is all over.

I am used to the routine
It happens over and over again
And then I'm thrown by a change
The disembodied voice says

'Breath out, empty your lungs
Now hold.' I panic I cannot hold
I have no breath to hold!
I gather my wits, and tell myself
'Yes of course I can.'

It's just another scan!

Maureen Barron is a retired nurse. She is also a Qualified Counsellor,  she decided to train in the counselling field while working in Occupational Health because she found ‘a headache or suchlike ‘ was often related to the troubled mind. She went into the field of substance misuse and childhood abuse for a while before finding her job, family and own health needed some more time.

She retired at age of sixty because of ill health (cancer) and has had five more relapses since but has been given a lifeline new cure Cart T Therapy.

Maureen writes short stories and poetry on a compulsive basis, she doesn’t really enjoy the process but likes the end result. (A bit like cooking, she doesn’t like cooking much but loves the eating bit.)


3 thoughts on “Boring Maureen and The Scan

  1. Hi Maureen. I think you commented on my story Christina. Like you I thought my name was boring and wanted a cooler name. Also my surname as a child was at the end of the register so was always last like you. When the teacher decided to change things around and call us out by first name, no gain for me. Also like you, I stopped working due to health challenges (stage 4 incurable cancer four years ago at 57) but still ride my horse every day and work on our rural property. Good luck and keep writing and cooking.


  2. Very funny Maureen. I can identify with very similar thoughts as a child myself. Made me laugh how close it was. Thank you.


  3. My daughters name Miacarla she also hated her name. She was studying drama at College one of the teacher’s told her what a great name to be up in lights. From that day she loved her name! Although her name has not been on any boarded lights….


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