By Elmedina Hota

Her Presence Covered In Mist

Originally published in Sanitarium Magazine, issue 42., 2011.

Her pallor gleams under the midnight skies, 
her beauty indescribable, 
wrapped by the nocturnal mist, on the cold ground she lies,
so pure and dreamy, to human's flesh unreachable

Devils in orchestra played symphonies of Hell to her,
admiring her figure, for her Death they linger,
the countess shall be killed, then again she'll rise,
the melody grows heavier as she slowly dies

Her presence is covered in mist,
through which she mourns to the darkened sky,
she's lost her soul the first time she was kissed
by an angel whose dark wings are too heavy to fly.

To Hell she'll go along with her loyal pipers,
nothing to infix the fear as a lovely, steadfast vipers,
an evil creature shall follow her as her slave,
to crawl for her and spread the poison in her cave,
to slay the beautiful, slice the roots of hope,
666 shall be her heal, no longer for the light she'll grope

'I shall take away the tranquility of the guiltless creatures,
and metamorphose it into the terror and scorn,
for my vengeance shall have the most bitter features,
still sincere is my heart that once used to burn.
Nightmares shall wear my name, 
every mortal shall feel that flame,
the mutilation of mind once the evil rise,
mark my words.'

Reflections of the Wandering Spirits

Originally published by White Cat Publications, 2022. 

The full moon was shining upon the Earth,
written on the walls of silence 
fear was ready to give its birth

Its eyes were studying her whilst hidden behind the mask of glamour,
soon it shall start terrorizing her with the voices
that are eager to whisper and start a clamour

With the hope for a blessed night, she entered the stage of a heavy dream,
squeaking of the door was about to wake her
and cause a terrifying scream,
the moonlight spread its beauty 
whilst playing with her canopy made of lace,
as the eerie silence revealed the sound of footsteps,
forcing her to cover her terrified face

Moments passing by, the noises were not to be heard anymore,
yet it seemed like an eternity, 
thoughts of rationality to her were poor;
taking off the sheets, reaching for the switch, turning on the light,
she took a look around:
there was nothing in the room she needed to fight

With a sigh of relief, she sat
attempting to understand
whether it was a reality or illusion: 
it was out of her hands;
the corner of her eye was invoked by the looking glass,
she turned to it, in disbelief, praying for that moment to pass

Night turned slowly into horror, 
as tension filled the room along with madness,
faces of pain were staring at her through the mirror,
with evil on their minds, 
long forgotten was their sadness;
expressionless, demonic, spreading terror through the air,
nothing, not even a bit of hope, for her escape was to be found there.

Elmedina Hota is an artist based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After studying fashion design at the High School of Textile, Leather, and Design, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo. At the age of twenty-two, she discovered her love for mixed martial arts. She proudly represents MMA Fighter Academy Sarajevo in various BJJ & MMA tournaments. Still, her love for sports did not diminish her passion for photography, photo editing, and writing! She enjoys writing dark fantasy, apocalyptic poems, and stories based on her deepest fears and nightmares.  

Ig: @hellmedincic 

Twitter: @hellmedincic 



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