Activities of vast ocean

Three quarters of the earth's  
surface is covered by water. The 
ocean conceals billions of  
creatures interacting in ways 
One of things about the ocean  
is that we cannot build on it.  
It will remain a vast open space  
perfect for contemplation. The 
ocean contains many creatures 
large and small, As there are 
vast body of water, we can sail 
boats across 
When I see ocean’s rolling and
crashing waves I am glad The 
ocean roars like a lion yet  
calm like refined diamond  
The ocean has its silent deep  
caves though the the waves

Scenery of a garden

In the morning sunny, warm, humid  
weather I went to the garden  
While sitting on the iron bench inside  
I was enjoying the scenery of garden. I was 
watching climbing roses, marigolds and 
some scented flowers of garden. Suddenly, 
my eyes went to a butterfly which had an 
alluring appearance I was watching a bee 
was hovering over a  flower but a 
grasshopper was disturbing it. Meanwhile I 
could see a parrot singing, hoping from 
branch to branch of a tree. When the
weather became very cloudy I saw a pair of 
peacocks dance inside the garden. On that 
beautiful weather I was enjoying the scenery 
of the flowering garden. 

An unfortunate lover

We loved each other when studied in  
school and then I went to a metro city She 
didn’t search for me since I left  my village, 
I too never thought for her. In fact both of 
us nestled beneath the same star but one
day suddenly I remember her. Though
initially it was like a momentary dream
but I used to talk myself at night. The 
night has spent itself for ages though my 
eyelids were not at all with sleep. The eyes s
till awake and I returned from the metro 
city to meet my beloved again. But 
unfortunately I couldn’t meet her as she 
married and left the village  

An Octogenarian

It is hate to say my memory's starting to go. 
Occasionally I forget names and other things  
I can't remember where I left my car keys. I 
confuse friend’s name and my kid’s name. 
Memories of forgetful mind revealed a fear I
grease my all joints and help them to bend. I 
watch my fake teeth after taking anything I
love to walk on my lawn and washing car 
There are many like it, but I sleep in time  
Life gives challenge, as they grow much older 
I remember my mother who used to guide  
Memory of my grandma is worse than mine

A beautiful girl

I don't hate her because  
she is beautiful girl of  
our community I try  
to look a little closer  
to see her beautiful  
face and her hair  
Her beauty has little  
value though some  
people never care her 
To maintain illusion poor  
girl of our community  
became a caricature  


Advertising is the king 
when it comes to marketing 
all product and services.  
Advertising always helps to  
create more sales and  
to recognise in our business.  
To grow business marketing  
strategy everybody should  
adopt the advising process  
To grow business, marketing  
strategy must be adopted in 
line with advertising  
There is a whole lot of awareness  
now about digital and  
social media marketing. 

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar was born on 16 November 1936. After completing his schooling from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assam), he joined the Indian Air Force. During his stay at an Air Force unit in Barrackpore, West Bengal, he had a chance to pursue higher studies as a private candidate from University of Calcutta in 1970. He spent his tenure with the Indian Air Force, travelling vastly about India and various countries like Singapore, Dubai, UK and USA. He started writing about his vision of mystical life in various articles and stories in English after interacting with people and sharing their experiences.

His poems have been published in Sethu Bilingual Journal, Pittsburgh-America, Savant Poetry Anthology, America, Eskimo pie E-Journal-America, Narrow Road journal , Contemporary Literary Review India Anthology, Indian periodical journal and Muse India Journal.


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