By Petrouchka Alexieva

Castle on the Shore

Building a castle together 
Every summer on the shore. 
Now, we are adults 
With two kinds
 – a son and a daughter,
Having a home on the beach.

It is Monday

I am happy to start on Monday -
Very new and passionate me -
With new pulse and new hopes in my pocket.
I have one for each day of the week.

I am light and very much innocent,
Thinking fresh and having new visions.
I’m releasing my confusing decisions;
So, I can fly free.

Writing the first line of new poem,
First note of a song,
Painting first stroke of hue
From my blissful palette in the morning.

It is Monday and I am falling in love
With everything NEW.
Oh, and my first coffee, too.

It is Wednesday

It is Wednesday 
I’m in a hurry to be there 
In the same intersection 
Of  “Heart Boulevard” and “Love Street”
At number13.

The weather is beautiful,
The sunshine may vary, 
But my love is always pristine. 

I keep my deep little secret 
In a heart of a blossom
Where all my beautiful feelings
Are waiting for you.
Isn’t it awesome?

Cosmic Silence of Love

The cosmos is silent,
The stars shimmer behind
The floating silver clouds.

The autumn stopped 
counting her fallen leaves.
The early winter is coming
Bringing chills in the dark.

The full Frost Moon is busy charging
Precious stones and ancient sigils 
That are carved on the face of the earth.

I gather her celestial dust
In my palms and amass 
All blessings of this mystical Universe.

I am chanting to all silent nebulas above.
Tonight, I’m a tiny part 
Of this cosmic silence of LOVE.

Sigils of Love

My heart is a burning candle
Lighting the path to the stars.
The flame chase away the shadows
Of darkness that divides us a part.

My heart is a burning candle
With a name engraved. It’s yours.
The runes carved in sigils draw
The diving moon full of love. 

My heart is anointed with petals
Of red roses and lavender scent;
My pulse’ rhythm echoes
The song of a midnight harp.


Breathless - 
When sow you
for the first time
On the bus stop.
Silly me, I know.

Breathless every time
You’ve walked towards me
On the street.
Breathless, losing my feet
Losing my mind.
Silly me, I know.

In all these nights
With desire and passion.
I tried to win your heart.
Poor me, I know.

When I cheated on you
Waked up in the morning
Not reckoning the night.
Stupid me, I know.

Now, I am breathless
Seeing you saying “I do” 
To someone else,
Somebody new
in your life.
Too late, I know,
But what can I do?

The Songs of the Pottery Wheel

Life is a pottery wheel. Its clay
Gets every day new shape,
New consistency. 
Clay molds when
The wheel of time spins.

Clay changes colors 
When life’s seasons 
Put their drops of hues
In our souls.
The rainbow’s palette
Of feelings
Shimmers with joy
In the sky of love.

Clay gathers tears of sorrows
When some dark clouds
Gather and crawl from above.
They wet and soften
Its pillows, 
But the pottery wheel
Still spins and sings
Its songs of life.

Touch Me Only With a Flower 

Touch me only with a flower –
Slowly and gently with love.
When I am losing my feminine power
show me the path to your heart. 

When the sun glimpse over my hair
I am still there crying from joy, 
Collect my tears in magnolia petal
And drink them all. 

Slowly and gently I’ll disappear 
in the cool morning mist. 
So, touch me only with a flower, My Dear
And…stop the time! Don’t miss!

Miss Petrouchka Alexieva is a well-known as a feminist and a LOVE poet, distinguished scholar and TV persona. She is a Cum Laude graduate at CSULA (2009) and “All American Scholar Award“recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her literary and scholarly works, photo-documentaries were highlighted in varieties of venues, on ”Daheli Live!” TV show, opening ceremonies and numerous open mics. For her outstanding life-long achievements, Ms. Alexieva’s name was included two times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (2003) capsule and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list, for which she has been
awarded with honorable certificates.


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