By Duane Anderson

In the Eyes of a Snowman

If you think I am cute,
then you would be absolutely right.
I, made of three round balls of packed snow,
with button eyes and a carrot nose.
I look even better if you put
a top hat on my head
and a scarf around my neck.

It’s not like I am going anywhere,
standing around here all winter,
but I don’t like looking so naked.
I know that you love me,
else you wouldn’t have created me,
but then, you also know
warm weather will be my ultimate demise,
something, I sadly cannot escape.

Just for You

Just for you,
it snowed on your birthday
in order to give you something to do,
and knowing Mother Nature, 
she didn’t skimp,
leaving you with plenty of snow,
even an extra helping,
so go out into the snow,
have fun, shovel your sidewalk,
throw snowballs, go sledding, complain.
It’s your day, the choice is all yours.

The Secret of Deep Sleep

I was tired and ready for some sleep.
I turned on the television, looking for something
boring, a station carrying baseball.

It didn’t matter what teams were playing,
what their win/loss records were.
Baseball hypnotized me into a deep slumber,

and hoped it was for a double header, but I
needed the rest and would take whatever I could get,
managing a full nine innings of sleep.

No hits, no walks, no runs,
nothing but deep snores
and a peaceful sleep.

Duane Anderson currently lives in La Vista, NE.  He has had poems published in Fine Lines, Cholla Needles, Tipton Poetry Journal, and several other publications. He is the author of  ‘On the Corner of Walk and Don’t Walk,’ and ‘The Blood Drives: One Pint Down,’ and ‘Conquer the Mountains.’

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