By Matthew Edeh Sunday


If we go back to the street
Where Nnamdi Azikiwe was the King
How hundred naira would have made our heart merry and sing
Nigeria would be a better place to be.

If we go back to the street
Where Alvan Ikoku was the King
Education would have been the master key
Chibok wouldn't be a disease
Dapchi would sit with knowledge on a feast
Kankara boys would be pioneers of the east
Greenfield would not be a den for beasts
And Nigeria would be a better place to be.

If we go back to the street
Where Tafewa Balewa was the King
National policy will be sweeter than Alewa
Our bread wouldn't lack tea or Ewa
And Nigeria would be a better place to be. 

If we go back to the street
Where Yakubu Gowon was the King
Revolution and reconstruction will be on the scene
Wa zo bia wouldn't be a sin
The terrain of unity wouldn't be in the dustbin
And Nigeria would be a better place to be.

If we go back to the street
Where Yar'adua was the King
Vision 2020 would have been a reality
Transformation agenda would have visited our vicinity
And Nigeria would be a better place to be.



He came down from the hilltop,
A man from the seven sky,
Clothe with fire and blood,
Son of war,
Guide of our paths when we face every teeth of war.

Ōsîñ ímòlè,
god of iron,
He clears every blockage with his fist,
Playing a tour about bushes and forest,
He was a ruthless deity,
He secluded himself from every community,
When "ìrè" was awaken,
Her mouth called him "ogun ònìrè",
For a god is now her king.

There are seven stars in heaven,
Let ogun of álara take dogs still,
Let ogun of ònìrè take rams still,
Let ogun of èlèmoñà
take roasted yams still,
Let ogun of àkì'run take ram's horn still,
Let ogun of the artisans take the flesh of tortoise still,
Let ogun makinde take after the city walls still,
Let ogun of surgery take snails still,
So our lives would be calm.

Call your sons and daughters,
Bring in all blacksmith, medicine men and women, hunters, warriors, and gatherer,
Let them assemble to her calling,
Proclaiming their praises in words of proverbs.

He is the strong one of the earth,
The chief among other deity,
He possess two matchets; with one he prepared the farm, the other he clears the road,
He is the keeper in the gate of wealth,
He owns the house of riches,
Giving water to the orphan but bath with blood.

He is seen in every battlefield,
Hovering in every corner,
Sitting beside every pool of blood,
He is always anxious and waiting to strike,
He sees no mercy in his enemies. 

Leah Shaibu

I am a voice crying in the desert,
I am a song sang in the dark,
I am a lost coin without a seeker,
I am Leah.

I am that thirsty river,
My tears flowed as my soul shivered,
I am the evident of hope undelivered,
I am Leah.

I am the rejected dream from a distance,
Suffocated by the world of my mother,
My tunes would ever be heard by the night like an owl,
I am Leah.

I am the fount of pains,
I was exposed to be seen by the eyes of sin,
I was savouring pangs as a next of kin,
I am Leah.

Oh mother I heard your heart calling, 
Mop the streams from your eyes,
Your streets are filled with blood already,
I will return to you when my eyes are closed steady,
I am Leah.

I am that stolen seed,
Taken far beyond where hands can intercede,
My mother was deprived of the joy of motherhood,
I am Leah.

Did the world prayed for me,
Did she mourn with me,
Was I really meant for her,
Let her set my story as a tomb stone,
Because I am Leah.

Born on November 9th,  into the family of Mr and Mrs Ijeh Matthew. Matthew Edeh Sunday hails from Utonkon district of Ado Local Government area of Benue State Nigeria. He is a graduate of the prestige university known as Benue State University Makurdi where he studied Public administration.

He is a dedicated and passionate writer whose writing ability has paved ways for him to be featured in many anthologies outside and within the country. He is the proud owner and published author of two poetry books; Lily Of The Nile and Milk and Honey and he has aid other writers also in getting the taste of been published few among which includes “Beauty Of The Dark” by Mary Paul, “God’s Path And Principles” by Timothy Oluwafemi Adedeji, “Silent Voices” by Mercy Charles Idemudia and “Love Gone Wrong” by Enejor Benjamin Marvelous.

Known for this magical and outstanding display in playing with words, he came up with a quote

 “The best thing that can ever happen to any man is the ability of self discovery, actualization and depriving maximum satisfaction for who you are”

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