By Robert Eugene Perry

A.I. Imitates Life

I can no longer tell if I am
jacked into a real time simulation or
a simulation of real time.

Pulled into technology’s orbit
cellular satellite of my soul, image
enhanced beyond measure – attempting
a play at real life, I pause my AI music stream – 	
silence ensues.

Is my real life enhanced by AI or
has AI become my life, occasionally
paused to assimilate data
and attempt an attempt
at communication?

This world, beautiful beyond measure  
can so easily become just a backdrop
to our constant needs, our feeds,
scrolling past each fragrant flower
missing nuance, romance, tender-
ness, tangled up in a virtual web 
mess we miss our real chance 
at connectedness.

Dry Days

drought brought forth
river bones, scattered stones – 
heron left for parts unknown.

baked sun dried soil
barely a trickle (snaking through)
ducks feet hardly wet
summer isn’t over yet
grass along the bank brown
and brittle.

three days rain, river rises
full belly flow and turn
waterfowl return to fish
soothing sound of rushing water
smells moist and earthy
under white swamp oak .

some things cannot be repaired:
shattered friendships, broken trust
lines crossed, hearts rent – 	
wheel of time circles round
spate & dearth, ebb & flow
death & birth, a fistful
of earth and
we’re gone.

reaching out

field of clovers
glacial rock
under stars

teenage angst
calling god
on the carpet

thousand questions
rapid fire
fill the void

breaching silence
pumping fist
in defiance

anger ebbs
leaving sadness

dawn is breaking
driving home
crooked smile.


Is universal.
Going within, observing
My own dissatisfaction, yours 
Becomes distinct and personal – impersonally
Distributed by the universe. And
The only logical response 
To such unremitting 
Anguish is 

Entering Twilight

Less seen, seen less
Shadows creep, sleep forms
Fox stirs, barn owl calls
Crepuscular, one and all

In between, lesser known
Clouds lengthen, dusk descends
Ducks squawk, river rolls
Gathering the gloaming in

Breathe deep, drop down
Time shifts, space bends
Ancestors all around
Slow down, the veil is thin.

Robert Eugene Perry is a native of Massachusetts and the author of five books. His most recent book of poetry Earthsongs, was published by Human Error Publishing in 2022.

Perry hosted a poetry group for disabled individuals at the former New England Dream Center in Worcester MA (USA), and has emceed the monthly Open Mic at Booklovers’ Gourmet in Webster, MA (USA) since May 2017.  

He has had several poems published in Worcester Magazine, as well as Poetica Magazine’s Mizmor Anthology, NatureCulture’s Honoring Nature collection, National Beat Poetry Foundation & Friends Remembering Jack Kerouac on his 100th Birthday, and Soul-Lit: a journal of spiritual poetry. His short story In the Company of Trees was published by Wordpeace Journal.

As a metaphysical poet, he finds inspiration in nature and endeavors to draw connections between our higher selves and the natural world.

One thought on “A.I. Imitates Life and Other Poems

  1. Thank you, Thomas, John & Jessica for the opportunity to present my work in your publication. Your name “The Academy of the Heart and Mind” attracted me right away, and I have been enjoying reading the daily entries. If anyone is interested in more of my work, my website is ~ Every blessing ~ Robert


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