By Imam Sarafadeen

I want to write a poem
That sees the world and all
In and out, to say it all, a poem
That will touch and guide a life of short and tall

I want to say what my mouth couldn't say
What hurts and hurts yet it gives me a way
To express it, and which is this,
A building that speaks out my inner mind
To let you know my secret and the me kind

I want to give this heart of mine, a motivation
From I and not just a conversation.
Speak! To cool this heart of mine
Free it from anxiety and sign

I want I to tell this heart that,
Rome wasn't built in a day
Tell it to be patient like a cat
For that, it will later find a way.

Imam Sarafadeen is a Nigerian writer with a passion for poetry and other literary genres. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Soup, Baskadia, Words Rhymes & Rhythm, and elsewhere. Sarafadeen is currently studying the English Language at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, Sokoto State.

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