By Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

Power of Prayer

Prayer brings peace in the weary  
soul or in the time of our trouble
Prayer is essential in our life as  
it is the connection with God
Prayer is the highly successful published  
example of God’s blessing
Prayer is a thanksgiving and a  
greeting to God for His grace
Prayer is the essence of the morning  
and prayer is the fragrance of life
Prayer is a holy connection with  
God who listen cry of our soul
In His wisdom God is the source  
who always prove more power
Prayer brings happiness if we can  
spend our time an hour in prayer.

The Change of Season

When the winter goes and  
summer the spring  
comes on the land
The sun shines bright and  
the all trees give their  
new green leaves 

The deer are running  
through the forest and  
people are dancing  

Everyone celebrate spring  
festival when the winter  

People are with nature as  
Gods and Goddesses  
are with the planet
Mother Nature has smiled  
on the land and this is time  
of love and healing 

Morning Walk

My grandfather who was an old man  
used to get up before sun rise   

His habit was to walk in the green park  
and he was listening bird’s song   

I too used to go to the park along with my  
grandfather to see blossomed flowers   

With the bright sunlight the park used  
to come a dramatically alive   

The gentle wind was blowing which  
added to the excitement morning  

To keep heart, mind and body young   
and healthy, we must walk daily   

I feel walking is easiest method to keep  
pumping organ of our body young   

After an hour exercise my habit was to sit  
underneath a tree to watch sceneries    

I used to look towards scenery of park,  
which was glistering in the sun 

Delicious Food

It is very important to eat  
different types of healthy foods  
throughout the week 
My lunch began with salad,  
chicken, fish vegetables  
and lots of rice 

If the food is good and delicious  
it will makes us very  
healthy and strong 
Food will also help to grow  
if we can choose our very  
favourite cuisine
I eat slowly as I taste flavour  
the delicious food and  
to keep me happy
I think food have nutritional  
value even it also must  
be tasty and good. 

Mom and Dad

My parents are very special  
because they brought many a 
Wonderful thoughts in my mind. 

They have placed their trust in  
me, and I know I can never repay   
them how hard I try. 

I have seen in them a God-given  
love and they have shown this  
in everything they have done.
In the darkness they are light  
because they can make even  
the darkest days bright. 

My mom and dad are my  
greatest heroes, because they  
help me defeat my foes.
I will always love and obey them  
and treasure them like a gem  
so they can smile on my face

She is in My Heart

When she came in my  
heart as if my world  
made beautiful
The clouds are dancing  
in the blue sky and  
the wind is peace
The cuckoo sings on  
mango tree, I could  
feel lots of happiness
After many days, I could  
see beautifully flowers  
are blooming
She is my heart, dream who  
made a new world and  
gives me happiness  

Underneath the beautiful sky,  
she has brought peace  
of beautiful life 


During our honeymoon, we both arrived  
in a town and happily entered into a café 

The boast softwood floors, mismatched lights  
and a private dining section
It is true to say that The space was welcoming  
and reflecting an urban chic vive
We surprised to see interiors, food, drinks  
and hospitality attracted the foodies
The environment energized us and on that day  
I have decided to settle in this wonderful area 

This beautiful area is located between  
‘Mahua’ forest and the river Meghna 

I could realize that this is the place where  
I can get solace in my retired life
We have visited islands like Andaman, Diu, 
 Bahamas, Maldives, Fiji and, Mauritius 

Some islands are for couples who want  
to spend some quality time together 

A Cloudy Day

It was a clear cloudy  
day with a nipping air,
I could see the long,  
straight road before me
With light-hearted I  
took to the open road
The long road before me  
leads wherever I choose
I remember temple route  
I have travelled before
My feet lead with spirit  
like flow of the river
It was free as the river  
that flows to the sea 

I commence my day where
there was no end of road 
My heart which is light is  
free from every care 


A person should have a defined aim  
for success which might be difficult  
to achieve but not impossible
One should not expect a dream 
job straightway, he will have to
carve his career himself
A journey is to be an eye-opening 
experience, especially with  
kind of environment
One must choose what he wants  
which should relate to where  
he want to study see in future
From his experience, he would like  
to share with his friends who wish 
to study abroad
For self-inspiration, everybody’s  
heart and mind both both are  
essential to be relaxed 

It is true life is a mixture of joy and  
sorrow, pleasure and pain, 
light and shadow.

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar was born on 16 November 1936. After completing his schooling from the Bengali High School in Nowgong (Assam), he joined the Indian Air Force. During his stay at an Air Force unit in Barrackpore, West Bengal, he had a chance to pursue higher studies as a private candidate from University of Calcutta in 1970. He spent his tenure with the Indian Air Force, travelling vastly about India and various countries like Singapore, Dubai, UK and USA. He started writing about his vision of mystical life in various articles and stories in English after interacting with people and sharing their experiences.

His poems have been published in Sethu Bilingual Journal, Pittsburgh-America, Savant Poetry Anthology, America, Eskimo pie E-Journal-America, Narrow Road journal , Contemporary Literary Review India Anthology, Indian periodical journal and Muse India Journal.

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