By Somaah Edwards

She craves the type of love that is
engraved on her soul and being,
an emotional connection scientists
and archaeologists can not dig up 
and explain. 

The world will know its name but
they'll never be able to have a taste. 

It will make sense but there will be 
no explanation. 

Her skin will age but it will keep 
getting prettier,
Her voice will become blurry but
they'll turn it into expensive music.

Her face won't remain the same but
you'll find it in museums under the 
theme:beauty never fades.

Magic was never real until they took
a look into her eyes, 
and an eclipse occurred before them. 
A love so real yet so expensive and rare.

Somaah Edwards is a Guyanese poet and short-story writer. She writes on Instagram at @somaah.e

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